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Getting Started Finding Free Stuff Online

Freebies are super fun to get in the mail and super easy to get if you do it right!

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Here at Save a Toonie we scour the internet and network to find you the latest freebies, free samples, free sample products, coupons you can get mailed to your home, hot giveaways, fabulous contests and so much more. Save a Toonie is not just simply a blog its a registered business sharing with you only legitimate safe, and real freebies!

Where do You find freebies?

Visit daily! And make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Time sensitive freebies are posted there first!

How this all works

  • What we do here at Save a Toonie we hunt high and low for the latest legitimate freebies offers from brands, websites, and bloggers. We have a great network with many brands and get tips letting us know when a great offer is coming up. 
  • What you have to do to get freebies is visit us daily and pick which posted offers you are interested in and follow the instructions in that freebie post to get your freebie, coupon, contest entry or any offer we have shared with you.
  • We post these offers daily throughout the day guiding you to where you can score yourself something free.

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Where can You find Save a Toonie?

      Q: I have never gotten anything free...are you sure this is legit?

      A: YES it is! Join us on Facebook to see how many people enjoy getting freebies in the mail. Don't just take our word for it, start signing up for offers and before you know it you will be rolling in freebies too!

      Q: Is my personal information safe online?

      A: On Save a Toonie you will find you only legitimate offers for freebies, samples, and coupons. Do your own due diligence when getting a freebie too.

      Q: What if I Signed up for a bad freebie already?

      AProbably nothing other than some spam emails. As long as you are not signing up for freebies with a credit card (which you should never do) you will be just fine. Containing the spam is why you make an email just for freebies.

      Freebie Tips

      • Have a separate email for freebies and contests
      • Avoid Pop Up freebie ads.
      • Use your real phone number for contests you enter, but only with brands and companies you trust.

      Please Note: Save a Toonie does not supply the freebies, coupons, free samples or prizes unless it is stated that it is a Save a Toonie sponsored giveaway. Freebies we post are offered by brands websites and companies we simply guide you to the best free samples in Canada.