Uploading a Grocery Receipt Could Win You $500!

You have to buy groceries that's just a fact. You have to spend your money that you worked hard for and that just sucks sometimes. But getting money back on your groceries is the ultimate way to save and get free groceries. 

Uploading even just one grocery receipt in a month could win you $500 from Checkout51! On top of getting money back on your groceries, you are scoring yourself an entry into winning some cash!
Uploading a Grocery Receipt Could Win You $500!
Photo Credit: Checkout51.com 

Checkout51 is totally free, super easy to use and you get an actual cheque in the mail with your cash back on groceries you have to buy! 

When you are finished grocery shopping snap a picture of your receipt and upload it to the Checkout51 app. When you hit $20 in your Checout51 account you get a cheque!! Match a great deal with cash back and you will be getting free food in no time.
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