15 Ways to Make Money For Holiday Gift Shopping

Before you know it the holidays will be here and you are scrambling to make the family budget work while trying to fit in holiday gift shopping and all the trimmings for meals, decorations and incidentals (in-laws show up and you're out of wine) it happens!

The biggest mistake is leaving the planning to the last minute on exactly how you are going to be paying for holiday gifts without hurting your budget. So I am going to share just a handful of ways to make side cash for the holidays that work!

I start focusing on ways to make money on the side around the end of September beginning of October. Don't stress about money at Christmas it defeats the whole purpose of Christmas. 

If family funds are really short (we have all had those years) consider cancelling Christmas. Sounds crazy? Read how I cancelled Christmas and it turned out to be one of the most amazing years our family had together.

Ways to stretch and boost holiday income

1. Do other peoples baking. Sound odd? it works! So many people have insane busy schedules yet want home baked treats for their dinner parties and holiday meals. Start taking orders soon from friends and neighbors and you could make yourself a nice chunk of cash.

While on the topic of baking. Making home made treats instead of spending money on casual acquaintances is a great way to keep costs down. 

2. Legerweb - This is my top earner when it comes to surveys. If you sign up today and actually do the surveys they start rolling in fast and they pay $1-$5. You get an actual cash for your time and it comes in cheque form right to your door. You could easily make money and cash out before Christmas. 
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Screenshot of my personal Legerweb account. 

3. When you shop online for gifts shop through these 2 programs to get cash back on your purchases, and on top of that you can be sharing your own link from those accounts with family and friends and be making cash in no time. The best part of these two programs is how popular and highly regarded they are. I use both and love making cash and Amazon.ca gift cards with each. You do not need referrals to earn and make money with Swagbucks. 


5 Things I haven't paid for in years thanks to Swagbucks
How to earn the most - Detailed Tutorial


I am sure you have seen the commercials and know just how exciting it is to get actual real money back on things you buy online. You can be adding to that by earning money as well. Why wouldn't your friends want to get money back every time they shop online? They will be thanking you as you earn money! See how you make money with Ebates

4.  Make $100 by writing a list make even more by writing more lists. Listverse pays $100 PayPal cash for 10 point lists. Check out some of the lists they already have and spend an hour or so putting a list together. You could make yourself some serious cash before Christmas.

5. Contests - Enter every contest and giveaway you come across. Winning prizes even ones you may not use or need is a great way to stockpile gifts for when money is tight. See the latest contests posted on Saveatoonie.ca

6. Sell off crap - There are 5 things around your house at least that you could sell for cash today and do some de-cluttering at the same time.

7. Change Jar Method - From today on when you pay for something using cash the change you get back goes into a jar marked for holiday shopping and incidentals. You will be shocked how fast that jar fills up. 

8. Start thinking out of the box about saving money in different areas of your daily life. Here are 55 ways to save extra money. There are so many great ways to boost your saving during the winter months you may not even have thought of. 

9. Shop on Amazon.ca through the cash back websites I shared in point #3 but before you do get a 30 day free trial of Amazon Prime. This gives you free shipping on all your holiday gifts! Just remember to cancel if you are not interested in continuing with Amazon Prime.

10. Start your very own bath bomb business at home! Kits are super affordable and you could even take some pre-orders from friends and family for the holidays to cover the costs of your kit. Bath bombs are extremely popular and this could turn into a side business from home for you. 

11. Are you good at taking pictures? Have a good quality camera? You can make some very easy side money by uploading your pictures to Foap and selling them. Fall is a great time to take some beauty pictures of nature and just about anything fall.

Photo Credit Kojo Designs.

12. Make & sell tea wreaths. Almost everyone loves tea, and if you know your friends like you should then you will know their fave flavors and colors. You could make these awesome gifts and sell them and customize the colors and flavors with each one, or save yourself money on buying a ton of gifts and make some of these for family and friends. These are also perfect for co-worker gifts. See the tutorial here at Kojo Designs

13. Change the way you grocery shop and start focusing on using coupons and cash back offers to spend the least amount of money you can or food. For Canadians there are 23 places you could be getting grocery coupons from. There are certain foods you should never pay full price for, don't be fooled by what looks like a sale.

14. Refer friends to deals and discounts and ear cold hard cash. There are so many great established brands and companies willing to pay you to share their product. Not sell it...Share it.  Here are 12 companies that will pay you cash to refer friends

15.  Start hunting freebies. There are many things you can get free just by following coupon blogs and freebies pages like this one. Just because a freebie offered isn't your taste, doesn't mean you shouldn't sign up for it. You can put that freebie aside as a gift around the holidays or to add into a gift basket or gift idea. See the latest freebies posted here on Save-a-Toonie
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