How to Start a Canadian Coupon Blog For Your Area & Make Money Doing It!

How to Start a Canadian Coupon Blog For Your Area & Make Money Doing It!

The last 10 years while 3 raising boys couponing has saved the family budget more than once. Starting a blog boosted the family budget and I have never looked back. 

If you already use coupons and love saving money starting a blog about coupons and grocery sales in your local area could make you a side income from home.

There are a few popular and legitimate Canadian coupon websites but do you know what is lacking? Regional and local coupon blogs. You would be amazed how quickly your blog could grow with fans and readers from your exact area looking to save money on their grocery bill.

Having a narrow niche is great for blog income. Do a little online searching you will probably find you don't have a current local coupon blog. 

Why would I suggest you start a coupon blog when I run one and you would be competition? I don't see other coupon blogs as competition that's why. I see as a resource to help families save money and get some awesome deals and freebies, even free food! More people sharing grocery deals and food coupons, is only going to save more families money and that is the goal, right?
Start a Canadian Coupon Blog

Steps to Starting a Coupon Blog

Wordpress and Blogger are the two great completely free programs you can use to start your blog. I prefer Blogger because it is owned by Google and has a solid standing with no issues. It is also much easier than Wordpress.

Choose a domain name (website name) for your new coupon blog. You can get 30% off your domain name from Godaddy using this link. I have been with GoDaddy for years and I strongly suggest using them over the other options out there. There are the cheapest & the best.

Make your domain name unique but don't use your own name. Later when you make a Facebook page for your blog to grow traffic it will rank much lower if you use your own name. 

Now that you have your blog and a domain name it's time to make some money and start turning your new coupon blog into a source of income.

Ways to Make Money from a Coupon Blog

Once you have at least 30 posts on your blog and has been online for a bit you can start to make money from it. 
(30 posts can be done in a matter of 2 days)

Making money from a blog can happen in many ways. Sponsored posts, affiliate programs, referrals, ads that you set up and forget about as they make money for you. The ways are endless and new ways pop up every day. 

All the resources shared in this post are completely free! Yes Free! 

Best Resources For Earning From Your New Blog

Affiliate programs

iGain Has Offers This is a favorite and very easy to use. They pay with PayPal which is always a great way to collect your blog earnings.
Shareasale - Super popular and an easy program to use. 
Ebates - This one does amazing during any holiday season.
Royal Draw -  This is a super easy set it and forget it one to earn money with. Sign up for your free account, from within your account apply to be an affiliate. Put a contest widget on your blog and watch it earn money for you as people enter the daily giveaways.
Swagbucks - Influencer program. Become a blogger for Swagbucks. They write the posts for you and you share the content on your blog to be paid.

Making money from ads on your blog.

Infolinks - This is the easiest one for new blogs to get accepted by. Very easy to use and their customer service will help you if you ever get stuck. You can also become an affiliate on top of having their ads on your blog. 

Media Net is also a great way to make money from your blog. Very easy to customize your ads to your blog's color and what you like. 

Sovrn -  Super easy to use and earns fast with the right traffic. Very easy to add into your blog, they offer video ads as well which seem to do extremely well. 

Google Adsense - Make sure your new coupon blog has been up and active online for at least 3 months. Have at least 30 posts that are live. It can take up to a couple weeks to be approved or happen the same day. Each person's experience is different. 

Get paid for offering printable coupons right on your blog.
Smart Source will pay you as an affiliate to have their money saving coupons available right on your own blog. Every time someone prints one you earn cash!  Visit Smart Source and scroll to the very bottom and click become an affiliate.

When starting any new adventure the first thing you do is read all about it and absorb as much information as you can so the adventure can have the best outcome. 

There are so many resources and tutorials on and you can probably get a few free for your Kindle. 

Other ways to make a side income from home

Make side cash with Legerweb
12 Companies that will pay you cash to refer friends. 
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Note: Some links in this post contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you make a purchase. Thanks for supporting Save-A-Toonie's money saving adventures!