Canada Students Free Stuff & Discounts 2017/2018

My 17-year-old son just started University and living on his own! That means money will be tight for the next few years and the hunt for deals and savings for students began. 

There are quite a few great offers for college and University students in Canada that you may not be aware of. Make sure to share this list with a college/University student in your life. Trust me they will thank you!
Canada Students Freebies & Discounts 2017/2018

Canada Students Freebies & Discounts 2017/2018
Amazon Prime offers 6 months free to students in College or University. 

Student Life Network - A hot spot for giveaways, free things for students, scholarships and so much more! Big cash prizes and free tuition are their favorite to offer students.

The Broke Student is a great blog written by a current student that is a must follow. Giveaways, tips, and tricks to surviving post secondary school while money is tight.

Start signing up for freebies and deals to make your College/University years easier and add a little fun with packages of free products, free samples, and just plain free stuff for students.
Canada Students Freebies & Discounts 2017/2018
Top Ways To Make/Save Money For Students in Canada

www.saveatoonie canada students

Ways to Cut  Costs on Groceries as a student in Canada

Metro - If you have a local participating Metro as a student you can get 10-15% off your groceries on student days.

Zehrs - On Tuesdays, a student in Canada can show their student ID and get 10% off their groceries.

Bulk Barn offers students in Canada a 10% discount on Wednesdays.

Subway offers a 10% discount to students when their student ID is shown.

There are 14 Canadian food companies you can request coupons from and over 23 places to get food coupons to keep your food budget down to almost zero.

Use these 5 money apps to get money back on stuff you are already buying, puts a little weekend pocket change back into your pocket!

Now that you're having to pay to eat and live on your own there are many ways you can keep those costs down and have more money left for the important things like pizza on study night and date money for that gorgeous girl in your second class!  

Upload your grocery receipts for cash back and to win monthly cash prizes of $500

Free Products to Test & keep
There are ways to get completely free products mailed right to your dorm or apartment. They will never cost you a cent and all you have to do is share your thoughts about the product. It's a great way to get free shampoo, razors, hair dye, make-up and more.

First, go and follow and sign up for the email updates of these 5 legitimate and safe free stuff and coupon websites in Canada.

There are 12 product testing programs in Canada that are totally free and you can get free products to try and keep. There are even specific opportunities for men's products like Axe and American Crew.

Toolkit for Students in Canada

The Global news put out an extensive list of discounts and savings for students in Canada. Definitely check it out before buying any electronics, clothing or even services like airplane flights and more. 
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