Why I broke Up with BzzAgent But Maybe You Shouldn't

Just a handful of BzzAgent Campaigns we participated in.

Hey Guys,

If you have been following me for awhile then you know how much I love sharing the best websites and programs that are available to you for product testing, full-size product samples, hot free grocery items and ways to make some side money to boost your monthly income. One of the programs I have shared for years is BzzAgent.

Before I share why I closed my BzzAgent account this post is not to slam the program in any way. It is an awesome program that is legitimate safe and 100% real. But for me it was no longer a fit and I am going to explain why.

When I joined the BzzAgent website years ago, a BzzKit box of products came with the product to review a full size one, and samples and coupons to share the word. When you got your box you would try out the product post a review online share it with family friends and internet friends. Easy fun and rewarding was how I saw it. Things are much much different now...Here is how. The BzzKits come with one product, no longer are samples included for family and friends to get the word out. And coupons are very rare in a BzzKit now.

This is a BzzKit from 2014 for Lavazza Coffee

When you get a product free to try, you are excited and try it out and gladly share a review with a friend during a coffee, or by writing a review online such as on BzzAgent. 

A free product in exchange for your honest thoughts and feelings so the brand knows where to improve and how their product is valued in the hands of consumers seems fair right? It is until the expectation becomes very one sided and much more is expected in return for a $10 or $15 product and that is on the high price end.

You value your time and so do I. Posting a review online that takes me a half hour at most is definitely worth a free bottle of shampoo or a box of hair dye. But having a huge list of to-do's in exchange for 1 free product is now not worth it at all. Your time just like mine is valuable and what BzzAgent asks from its members in return for 1 free product is just too much. 

With each campaign box now you are asked to Tweet more than once. Post to your Instagram, share with Facebook more than once, do mini actions within the campaign and not only review the product on BzzAgent, but most campaigns now ask for an Amazon review as well. And video reviews are now a must with most campaigns. 

All that for one product... It makes the one free product no longer worth it. To complete all they ask for in a campaign, if done right would take between 4-5 hours. If 4 hours out of my life worth a free deodorant or shampoo? Simple answer for me no. There are too many other options out there now to make all that work for no pay and only a free product worth $10-$15 is not realistic. 

A $5 bottle of Febreeze for hours of your time...Is it worth it to You?

PROS of BzzAgent

  • Completely free products to try and test. Always top brands.
  • Legitimate safe, and great customer service
  • Well known and established online

Cons of BzzAgent

  • Bzz Score - It makes no sense and no explanation is available for how they grade you. 
  • BzzKits have become much smaller but work expected in return is too much
  • Bzz Campaigns are far and few in between.
  • You have to sign in daily to complete surveys to keep your score anywhere near what they expect for you to be chosen for a product.
  • Being a member means many hours of doing activities to get products to test.

If you have tons of time on your hands and like getting products to try for free then by all means BzzAgent is a great place to make an account. Just be prepared that campaigns don't come often and when they do you will need to set aside some hours to complete all you're asked to do. After all you are in a legal and binding contract once you accept the products free. Always remember that.

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