Top Money Making Ideas For Mom's at Home

Being a stay at home parent is one of the things I loved most in my life. Being there for every special moment, meeting the school bus after school and getting to hear about their day in the first 5 seconds off the bus...But as wonderful as it is, it can be a heavy load on the family budget and an added stress with only one income coming in.

Making ends meets and keeping the grocery bill manageable made me start looking at different ways I could be making money while home raising my kids. Brainstorming is something I enjoy doing for fun and coming up with ideas ways to make some side money while home raising kids was something I spent endless hours adding too!

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Ideas & Brainstorms for Making Some Extra Income

Bath Bombs Business

Starting your own bath bomb business at home is a great way to start making some extra cash! It's extremely cheap to get started, the supplies you need to get started small, just selling to family and friends and even your Facebook friends. Once you grow your business you get more items to make your new very own business take off! There are a ton of places to sell online and bath bombs are so massively popular right now!

Start a Blog  (Doesn't have to be the stereotypical mommy blog)

Starting a blog is a business venture you can start completely free and make some side money. You could even do amazing and make a passive income while being at home in pj's sipping coffee. When I started blogging I never thought it would turn into an actual business. 

If you decide to start a blog start it as a business. Read until your eyes are burning. Absorb all you can from other bloggers experiences and solutions. Blogs are a great way to earn some amazing money and benefits if done right. And anyone can do it, patience and determination are key.

Teach Couponing and Money Saving Classes

If you are great at keeping your grocery bill down and couponing and know all the in's and outs of getting that receipt down to almost zero, put that talent to work and teach others how to do it! 

You will be amazed how much need there actually is for it! So many people want to start using coupons and learn how to use the cash back apps and save on their monthly food but just can't get the hang of it. If you charged even a very low fee of $20 a person for a 45-minute lesson you could be raking in the cash! 

It's as easy as placing an ad in your local paper or in a local Facebook group and setting 1 day a week aside to run an hour class. You don't even have to do it in your home (can be risky) you can meet at your local grocery store! 

Write an Ebook  (Easier than you think, hear me out)

Writing an ebook is not nearly what you may think. You don't need a ton of content just a very interesting topic and the gift to write. 6-page e-books are selling and making the writer thousands! If you are a pro at organization or making 25 meals in under an hour or anything you can really think of...write an e-book and sell the crap out of it online. There are so many ways to get that done FREE or next to free!

Amazon even offers you a way to make your ebook from beginning to end and sell it right on Amazon! You don't even have to worry about the selling part, the web is a virtual store for you. You can sell on Facebook by making yourself a page, or offer a copy of your ebook as a prize on a blog bringing traffic to your book, The possibilities are endless. 


There are quite a few ways to make some extra money writing articles online for blogs and websites.

Indeed always has writing jobs just waiting to be snapped up. This is a great way to not have to run your own blog to make money but make extra cash writing short articles and posts for other bloggers and websites.

Listverse will pay you $100 for a 10 point list which is really easy if you can find 10 interesting facts about one topic. If you could write even 3 lists in a month period you have a cool $300 cash!

Make T-Shirts (Not Really,But Really)

Teespring lets you design and sell your own creations and designs. They even do the shipping! Something you really should check out if you have an imagination and some ideas on what t-shirts would sell. No money comes from your pocket. Its a great way to start a small t-shirt business of your home from home. Facebook fan pages now have a shop option, and that's a great place to sell your products.

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