The Weirdest Way to Save $200 a Year!

As most of you know I am allllllllll about the saving of money and making life a little cheaper! But I am very sure I would never go to the lengths this family does to save $200 a year!

There are certain things I am just not willing to do to save some money. I am pretty sure most of us have a limit to what we are willing to do or go through to save a measly $200 a year.

Hazel Newhouse  a 27 year old mom of 4 saves her family $200 a year by using re-usable home made wipes instead of toilet paper!

That's right they don't use toilet paper, ONLY these homemade washable wipes! Kudos to her but I just could never imagine wanting to save $200 a year and adding the extra ewww factor and work load of all that washing!

Would you use their bathroom if you were a guest in their home?

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