How to Teach Kids About Money-The Easy Way!

It's easy to forget how little the school system teaches our kids about money and how it works. It's up to you as the parent to teach your child the basics, like how banks work, how to save money, about budgeting for groceries and even how to just open a bank account.

When my 16 year old needed to start a bank account for his first job, I realized how much I had lacked in showing him the basics about money. I guess it really should have dawned on me when around 5 he said: "Mom just go to the bank they give you free money!" 

Even when I think back to my childhood money basics weren't things that we were taught very often.

Having financially savvy kids/teens will reduce your stress level in the long run. It's up to us to teach our kids the ropes, terms and how to's of money.


The Teaching Kids about Money- A Step by Step Guide for Parents Who Want More for Their Kids is a great book that will answer your questions about why money isn't taught in school as well as a 7 step system to teach your child the real value of money.

The Opposite of Spoiled: Raising Kids Who are Grounded, Generous and Smart About Money is a must read for any parent.
It's a literal blueprint for dealing with money matters around the tooth fairy, allowances, chores, birthdays and so much more. 

It's on New York Times Best Seller's list for a reason.

Teaching Kids Money

Saving money for kids is really hard. Kids are all about instant gratification and we know it. Thinking ahead even about the type of savings piggy bank you will use can affect their thoughts about saving.

Most piggy banks are a solid color or ceramic white and can't be seen into. Kids believe what they see. Using a clear piggy bank or clear jar is the best way to excite your child about the money they are saving.

Because Save-a-Toonie is all about being frugal the best way to go with a money saving jar for your kids is buying the Jarware to make your own savings jar. I see piggy banks online going for over $60 which is just insane. 

Jarware 82600 Piggy Bank Lid for Regular Mouth Mason Jars, Pink

kids about money


These are among the most popular now it's a great way to show kids how money has to be spread over certain responsibilities and how to do that the right way.

The Classic Moonjar is a favorite because it encourages decision making and planning.The three-part piggy bank asks kids to make a plan for how they will allocate their funds each time money is earned or received. 

Moonjar Piggy Bank
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