Sample Source Sampler Packs Coming Soon - Tip To Knowing When!

The next round of Sample Source sampler packs is right around the corner!! You know what that means...time to watch around the clock for the sample packs to go LIVE!

If your not aware of the Sample Source it is a great program offering Free Sample Packs of the newest products for us to try for FREE. When the Free Sample packs go live its mayhem to say the least. Everyone scrambling to request their Free sample pack.

Registering your free account now will avoid time lost when the sample packs are live. Register to be notified when the Next even Bigger Free Sample Source Sample packs are Live. Visit Also follow Sample Source on Twitter for updates about the Free sample packs.

The Free Sample Pack boxes have gotten even bigger! This offer is going to go live this spring and when it's live Sample Source will Tweet that the Free Samples Packs are up for grabs!

Now if you are on Twitter~ You can get a text to your mobile phone when Sample Source sends out a Tweet. In your Twitter account go to click on the settings tool icon and go to turn on Mobile Notifications.

This way when Sample Source tweets its Live you will get notified right to your cell phone & not miss out on this amazing sample pack! You must have you cell phone linked to your Twitter account and you do that in Settings, Mobile. See the picture below on what to do. If you don't have a Twitter account I suggest making one.

We will post when it goes live here on the Blog! Happy Sample Pack Waiting everyone!

See regular updates on Sample Source's Instagram account on what products may be in the next free Sample Source sample packs.
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