Free Sunlight Just For Answering a Survey? Surveys Are Definitely Worth It..But When?

Free Sunlight Just For Answering a Survey? Surveys Are Definitely Worth It..But When?
So often I see comments on posts on our Facebook page of people saying surveys aren't worth can't make money, you get nothing for your time...just a waste! Those people can continue feeling that way and that leaves more for those of us who know just how awesome the rewards can be from a 3 minute or 10-minute survey.

The Sunlight pictured above arrived in the mail today and it was a surprise, I couldn't for the life of me remember where I had signed up for such an awesome offer, and why wouldn't I have shared it with you guys...then it hit me! I had answered a 1-second survey about dish soap and filled out my address. I will also get a small payment along with this free full-size Sunlight. A simple survey from a survey program I have shared with you here on Save a Toonie.

Getting rich doing survey's is never going to happen let's be honest about that. But making some side cash that you put away all year for Christmas or mini-vacations can be done! Many survey programs offer products for you to try but not until they see that you are an actual participant who is responding to the surveys and completing them. 

There are a few and a select few of survey programs I use faithfully and the reason is they are the ones I have made consistent money with and get free products from to try. I also make sure to respond to any survey's that come to my email inbox...BUT only from blogs, or websites I follow. I have won numerous gift cards for answering a brands 2-second survey. Often people ignore those emails and that just opens up the prize pool.

The few select programs I use faithfully and earn actual money with and get free products with are the following:

Shoppers Voice is a one time survey per year. You get free sampler packs, free product coupons, and samples all year for completing one single survey. I have not missed a year in 5 years. It used to come to our homes in a brown envelope and most of us would throw it out. This survey is freebie gold.

iSay Survey Panel (Where I got the Sunlight pictured above)

This is a very popular survey program online, you earn money for surveys and also get offers for free products to test for free.

Legerweb is my ultimate favorite for earning cold hard cash. I love this program so much I became an ambassador.   Surveys come often once you complete the first 5-6 surveys and they pay between $1-$3. You can choose a cash payment or be paid with Airmiles and Aeroplan. With Legerweb you won't get free products to test. You can only make money and win cash prizes monthly. I have received many cheques from Legerweb and this is one of those programs you can bank your cash all year and then around the holiday's cash out!

Webperspectives is a great program with over 400,000 Canadian members. You earn actual money with this program as well. You earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards for free movies and brand stores that you love.
Answering a quick survey does pay off. I have won too many prizes to even mention for answering quick surveys that companies and brands put out. Many of the survey programs you may have been avoiding thinking you won't make pay and do send free products to Canadians every day to get their thoughts and feelings on their products.

Grocery receipt surveys can win you some amazing prizes! Be consistent in entering your special code on the back of your receipts. You could win yourself $1000 in free food! I hate to sound cliche but you can't win if you don't do the survey. 

There is one program I personally avoid and suggest others do as well. Gift Hulk Review-Is It Worth It?

survey sites that pay

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