5 Money-Saving Browser Extensions & Apps Your Money Needs!

5 Money-Saving Browser Extensions & Apps Your Wallet Needs

The days of saving money with apps & extensions are here and it couldn't be easier with these 5. Saving money while shopping online is now pretty much effortless so why not add up the extra savings for something special for you!

You could even be earning cash and rewards.

1. Honey

This is a set it and forget it extension. When you are shopping online Honey will pop up as you start to check out, and find you additional savings and coupon codes. Honey automatically will apply whichever coupon code you choose to use with your order.

You can also earn Honey Gold which can be redeemed for rewards.

2. Drop 

Earn gift cards to your favorite stores and restaurants like Tim Horton's and more. You will need to link your bank cards and credit cards to earn rewards. I know you are nervous about that, but you are very safe. Drop uses 256-bit-bank-level encryption so your info is very protected. No different than signing into your bank account online.

Earn points with your debit card
Earn double points with your credit card
Hassle free rewards, no new cards
It’s free to earn

This is an extremely popular app that many are reaping great rewards from

3. Checkout 51

Getting cold hard cash back on groceries and liquor store purchases is a great way to add to savings. Checkout 51 is not only for food before you stop to buy your next alcohol beverage see which ones you could get getting a cheque in the mail for purchasing.

Completely free and super easy to use.

4. Flipp
Money-Saving App Flipp

This is the perfect app for all your shopping needs. See the latest flyers all in one spot, type in the product you are looking for to quickly find the lowest price in your area and be matched with coupons for that product! This is one app that will save you money at the checkout every time!

5. Gas Buddy

Gas prices are always too high for my liking, but finding the cheapest gas in the current location I am in is the best! Saving on gas couldn't be easier with Gas Buddy. Find the lowest price closest to you.

There are often giveaways and contests running on Gas Buddy too!
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