Guide to Grocery Shopping- Save Your Toonies By Doing It Right!

Grocery shopping is something we all have to do, and you probably think you are doing it right! These are a few things you could be doing that would save you time and money on groceries.

With years of extreme couponing and walking out with grocery carts full and only spending $20 on a full cart of food, I have some very easy tips and tricks to get you started grocery shopping the right way!

You are probably guilty of at least once running to the grocery store for a last minute item an hour before you are set to cook dnner...guess what you probably walked out with more items than you went in for. 

Grocery stores plan everything, they know how you shop and when you shop. So if they plan ways to take your money, you should be planning ways to save that money.

When to Grocery Shop

Yes, there are good and bad times to hit the grocery store.

  • Go shopping at the beginning (very beginning) of that week's sale week.
  • Shop in the evenings between 6-8 pm after eating dinner. 
  • Shop on weekends but only in the very early morning when they open their doors. 

Shopping the day the sales start is the best way to make sure you get your great deals. If a product that is listed for that week's sale is not on the shelf, get a manager and ask for a rain check. 

Shopping in the evenings after you have eaten dinner will stop those impulse purchases that waste your money. The traffic in the store will be slower since most people are settled at home by then.

Shopping on a weekend is great as long as it is very early morning when the doors open. It is also a great way to get the lowest prices on meat.

Stop Throwing Away The Receipt- It's Money

Your grocery receipt is something you need to start taking better care of. Once you get home with your groceries it takes under 5 minutes to pull up a few apps and check if anything you just bought at the grocery store is going to earn you some money back.

Most popular cash back apps are Checkout51, Caddle, and
With all these apps you simply upload your receipt right from your cell and get paid cash back on grocery items you bought. Doing this can actually make some of your purchases completely free.

Receipt Surveys ARE Worth It!

Grocery Receipt

Every receipt you get has a survey and pin for that survey. DO the surveys. It takes only a few minutes and you could win yourself $1000 in FREE groceries and other prizes. 

Are grocery receipt surveys worth it?

Ways to Save Money Grocery Shopping

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