Free Candles? Don't Believe Everything You Read!

Hey guys, I wanted to share some info with you to keep your email safe and for you to avoid a fake freebie offer that some very big bloggers are sharing!

Salt Lake City Candles Outlet on Facebook has been offering free candles and car fresheners completely free all you have to do is sign up with your email and address. Sounds simple right? Wrong!

First of all think about that for a second. A candle company for months has just been posting about free candles, giving away free stuff..yet not one post about their products , where to buy their products and any other information at all. When you first click on the link to sign up bam a virus pop up. That alone should warn people it's not a valid offer.

No one has ever received a free candle from them, they are simply farming for YOUR email address and information so please beware.

Here is the Facebook page offering a Fake Freebie, I strongly suggest you do NOT share your email or address with these people.

It's about time bloggers stop posting FAKE FREEBIES just to get clicks! (Frustrates the hell out of me)

Stay safe while freebie hunting! 
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