12 Companies That Will Pay You to Refer Your Friends -Make Extra Cash

Like I have mentioned many times here on Save-a-Toonie I love finding ways to make extra cash! Who doesn't right? I only share ways to make extra money if I know it works! You don't have time to waste and neither do I! Time is money after all!

There are a ton of ways to make some extra money and sometimes even the smallest of ventures can pay off big!! There are many ways to make some side money by referring friends to awesome promotions and something they have been looking for! 
Make Cash For Referring Friends.

Whether you are looking to just make an extra $150 or $1500...

Let's get to the 20 different ways you can make yourself some extra money by referring friends to services and products.

Matty Sleeps - Refer friends and family to Mattysleeps.com and you could be making $30 $40 or $50 depending on the referral.

Liberty Tax - Make yourself $20 every time you refer a friend to do their taxes with Liberty Tax. They will also get $20 off the cost of doing their taxes! Now that's a great deal for you and a few friends to get into!

TopCashBack - This is a USA based cash back program that is also open to Canadians. You get $10 per friend you refer. Free TopCashBack account

Swagbucks - When you refer your friends and family to get the free rewards Swagbucks offers you get $5! Swagbucks pays for our families monthly bathroom products and more. I swear by this program.

Legerweb - This is a survey program I have been with for years. You get paid $1 - $3 per survey. You get an actual cheque in the mail! It's a great way to save money all year! If you aren't into doing the surveys you can share your personal link and refer others to earn with the surveys. You get $1 per referral. If you have tons of Facebook friends and social accounts like Twitter this could be a real money maker for you.

Ebates - This is another favorite of mine to not only get paid cash back on things I buy online, but to earn money by sharing the cash back offers. The current promotion is refer 3 friends and earn $45! 
Around the holidays you can really make yourself some sweet cash by sharing your referral link. Make your free Ebates account then start sharing your link!

Questrade -Every time you refer a friend to open a professionally-managed or online trading account, you will get paid $25 directly in your account. 

Scotia iTRADE - Refer a friend or family member to Scotia iTRADE and when they make an account you will get $100 or 50 completely free trades.

Tangerine - Opening a Tangerine bank account can benefit you and make you some cash when you refer others to open a no fee high interest account. You can earn $100 when you refer someone new.

Drive Time Ontario - If you live in Ontario and know of someone looking to buy a car, you could make yourself $250 cash for referring someone to Drive Time.

H&R Block - You can refer up to  8 friends or family members and earn $25 each for the ones who do their taxes with your referral! 

New Start Canada - Refer family and friends to New Start and you could earn $100.

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