Must Haves for Your New College/University Student!

For some of us the first day of college/university for our kids is right around the corner!

As I prepare my 17 year old for his first of 4 years of University packing and getting the essentials has been top of our list! Whether your son/daughter is going to be living in residences or renting a room there are a few things that are must haves before the first day! 

We turned to a few second year students to find out exactly what they felt they really needed in their first year with the big move out of home and into college/university life and this is the list right from the source!

These must haves are outside of the books, binders, pens and so on. 

What your post-secondary student actually needs

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Bandaids - This is one of those things they will never buy! Add it to the list of must haves.

Bathroom supplies - Toilet brush, hand soap and cleaners are a must for shared bathrooms. You don't want them making enemies when they leave the bathroom like they do at home! 
Here is a way to get your monthly bathroom products free.

Can opener - About 70% of their meals will end up being from a can and you know it, so make sure to add an opener for them.

Clothes Dryer Rack - Money is about to be tight, and laundry will often get left on the back burner. There are lots of ways to dry clothes in a small space without having to pay for the dryer. 
Drying Rack for students

Cork Board - Students have a ton of dates to remember, like the next party, when to call mom, and what time the teacher said he needed that paper in by! A cork board is a much needed item.

cork board for students

Dependable alarm clock- You won't be there to nag, knock and yell to wake their hormonal buts up, so a reliable alarm clock is worth it's weight in gold! 

Dish Soap - Dawn is the dish soap I suggest you add into their moving boxes! It has so many uses its amazing! Everything from making emergency freezer packs to having the cleanest dishes.
10 Things You Didn't Know Dawn Dish Soap Could Do

Dish sponges - The dollar store has packs of 12 green & yellow everyday sponges. Trust me when I tell you they will get used often!

Laptop light - Many hours will be spent in the wee hours of the morning finishing up papers and projects. Roommates don't want to be bother by lights, so a perfect solution for a cramming student is a laptop light. Preferably one that doesn't need batteries like the one picture below that is sold on

laptop light

Laundry Pods - Pods make laundry easier for a busy distracted student. No wasting liquid soap and the perfect amount every time. 

Laundry basket/hamper - They may have one at home already but a new fresh and sturdy hamper is needed for sure! Preferably one with a lid to keep the laundry stench hidden from roommates and guests!

Measuring cup - Just because you can gauge a cup or quarter cup don't think they can! Even the simplest of recipes like Kraft Dinner has measurements in cups. This is a must must have item.

Microwavable cookware - Make sure their Tupperware and dishware is microwaveable! Or be prepared to be replacing dishes for them! 

Mini Fridge - Walmart has perfect mini fridges usually for under $100. This is a must when you share a residence with other students.

Power Bar - With all the iPad's, laptops, cells and so forth this is really a smart addition into what they need. It will not only protect their electronics it will protect them from a fire.

Q-Tips- These are a must for any bathroom. For cleaning those potatoes ears before a big first date to cleaning your keyboard of spills.

Portable Shower Caddy - When sharing an area and bathroom sometimes taking your shampoos and shower gels back to your room is wise. It can get costly providing shampoo and shower things with roommates. 
shower caddy

Tide to Go Pen- When laundry has been sitting two weeks and you are on your last shirt a stain removing pen will be a face saver.

Travel mug - After a sleepless night of studying a coffee on the way to class is like air to breathe! 

What other things do you think a new college/university student may need?
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