10 Things Dawn Dish Soap Can Do For You

Do you use Dawn dish soap? I didn't until I realized just how many things could be done with it! 

After many mini trials and accidental uses I realized that Dawn is a must have multi purpose dish soap!

I always keep 2 bottles on hand for those emergency's like needing a freezer pack, or the dog comes home with fleas!  It can be a real money saver and animal saver as you already know!

A great way to save money is by cutting out products you buy which saves you money from your budget. I stopped buying just 11 things and saved over $6000. If you can use Dawn for 10 extra things you could cut out a product or two!

1. Get Rid of Fleas

Wash your fur baby up with Dawn, super gentle on the skin but kills those pesky fleas dead. Here is a simple guide on how to treat your pet with Dawn for fleas.Using Dawn saves you from having to use harsh chemicals on your fur baby.

2. Homemade Ice Packs

If you have kids you know how quickly an ice pack can disappear or be dissected by a curious minded child. Dawn can be used to make your very own ice packs and so easy it's ridiculous. Just fill a medium sized Ziploc bag with Dawn and freeze it! It can be used over and over! Dish Soap Ice Pack Guide

3. Make Homemade Bubbles for the Kids (Or you, we won't tell)

All you need to make up a quick batch of bubble solution is Dawn and some sugar! These bubbles will work better than any Dollar store ones and you can make them right at home. Instructions for Homemade Bubbles with Dawn

4. Stomp Out an Ant Problem

I hate ants, I don't know how something so small can give me the heebee jeebees but they do! Yuck! Dawn and some water in the areas you see ants gathering or coming in kills them dead! Instructions for using Dawn to Get Rid of Ants

5.  Remove Oil Stains from Driveway

Dawn is the most amazing oil and grease cutter I have ever used.
Use Dawn and very very warm water to scrub the spill in your driveway. I am assuming you have already used some form of kitty litter to soak up the actual oil. This may have to be done more than once but it works great!

6. Unclogging a Toilet

One cup of Dawn dish liquid into the bowl and leave it there for 20 minutes. Make sure to put the lid down if you have pets that drink from your toilet. Come back with a bucket of warm water and from waist height hold the bucket and pour it in.

7. Clean Your Windows to Perfection

Get a Dollar store spray bottle and add 3 drops of Dawn to a gallon of water. Use it like you would any other window cleaner. Make your own best window cleaner.

8. Keep Your Glasses Defogged 

I hate bending over opening the oven door and being blinded for the next 15 seconds with fog! A few drops of Dawn on the lenses and then wiped clean keeps them fog free!

9. Greasy Hair

Have extremely greasy hair? A few drops will cut that grease down then wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. Do this only about once every few weeks. Dawn is also great for when the toddler smears their hair with vaseline or baby oil! Don't scoff, it happens! 

10. Lightening Your Hair Dye Job

Did your hair go just a little too dark for your liking? Wash your hair with Dawn right away to lighten the shade. Make sure to leave your conditioner in for some extra time. Dying your hair strips your natural oils and then Dawn does as well. Just condition the heck out of your scalp after.

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