Changing This One Habit Saved Me Over $2100 a Year

We all have habit's whether good or not that cost us money from the budget every month. But when is the last time you actually sat down and did the math on your habit?

Last few months I took a long hard look at my spending wasting habits and there was a major habit that needed to stop!

Coffee gives me superpowers! Okay maybe not superpowers but I love it and probably always will! I am loyal for sure!

The Bad Habit is the Drive Thru Coffee

Every time I jumped in my car to run a son to soccer, or pick one up from school, or hit the grocery store, I automatically headed for the drive thru first to grab a coffee for the trip. 

More often than not I would find myself heading back to exchange my coffee because it was burnt, or tasted horrendous. You a taking a gamble with a drive-thru coffee expecting it to be to your liking. This leads to wasting money on a coffee you probably won't end up drinking.

Some days I would go through the drive-thru 3x time one day.
My size is always large,  at $2 per coffee let's go with 2x a day because you probably aren't as obsessed with coffee as I am. (Or maybe you are)

  • 2 drive thru coffee's a day = $4 
  • $4 a day for 30 days (yes I was a daily drive-thru junkie)
  • $120 a MONTH on drive-thru coffee
  • 12 months in a year at $120 a month a whopping $1440 coffee cup

For me generally 3 x a day was the norm, making my monthly amount around $180 - and a yearly total of $2160

What You Need to Do to Stop Wasting Money at Coffee Drive-Thru's

Find your perfect coffee maker- whether that is a Keurig, Tassimo, Hamilton Beach and you get the point. I have  4 (3) of which sit in a cupboard. I will share with you which machine is the best for your buck a little further down this post.

Find your perfect travel coffee mug. You may go through a few but once you find your favorite it will be with you everywhere.

  • Bottle brush for cleaning it properly and keeping it sanitary.
  • Save money on coffee your buy at grocery stores and online by knowing the best prices and deals.
  • Make coffee to go every time.
  • Take different routes when you drive to avoid temptation

Machines I Own & Quick Thoughts

Keurig K200 - I loved this machine for the first week after buying it. Since then it has sat in the cupboard as a spare. I had so many issues with this machine it was unreal. From it needing a new filter within a week to k-cups exploding every time. Thankfully I used my Swagbucks redemptions to buy it so no money wasted on it.The Keurig K200 sells on Amazon for about $128

Keurig K50 - Another Keurig that left a bad taste in my mouth. Within a few weeks of using it warnings about the filter exploding k-cups, it was just another disaster machine and it was retired to under the counter as yet another backup. The Keurig K50 sells on Amazon for about $88.

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew - This one I bought at 7 am on a freezing cold winter morning when I got fed up with the exploding k-cups in my Keurig and it too was another letdown. Rarely did it work. No matter what setting I used the coffee was only ever half a cup and it too found it's way to the cupboard. The Hamilton Beach FlexBrew sells on Amazon for around $70

Bosch Tassimo T20 - I found my coffee making soulmate! This machine is my absolute favorite and it's my everyday machine. I always buy Breakfast Blend because it makes an extra large cup which fills a travel coffee mug perfectly. I got my Tassimo T20  on Amazon for under $100 and I believe they are still under $100.

6/10 Times a coffee from the drive-thru will be wasted because of taste or whatever other reason. Think of what you could do with an extra $150-$180 a month in your pocket! Or the road trip you could take with the savings per year!

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