5 Things In Your Home You Can Sell For Cash TODAY!

So something has come up? Need a few extra dollars for an emergency or for quick spending money?

There are some easy ways to get that extra cash whether it be and extra $50 or even $150 to have in your pocket on a day outing. With your options so vast now with Facebook localized selling groups and Kijiji, selling an unwanted item can put money in your pocket extremely fast

This post will point out 5 things you probably have around your home right now that you can sell for extra cash today!

5 Things You Can Sell For Cash Right Now

1. Kitchen Gadgets
You know you have a few really cool gadgets in your kitchen drawers and cupboards and probably at least one that is still sitting in it's original box! 

Kitchen utensils and gadgets are always popular especially in spring and summer I find, because people are trying to fill cottages and trailers with kitchen gadgets they may need. 

Make sure that the kitchen appliance or gadget you decide to sell for some fast cash is one you haven't used in at least 2 months and one you won't miss. 

2. Video Game Systems & Games
Most of you have at least 1 older video game system laying around that hasn't been hooked up and played for months. Games can pile up fast and many can be sitting around not being used. These can add up quick if you sell them online in your local Facebook buy and sell group and on Kijiji. 

When it comes to old cell phones and tablets if they work great and you don't want to sell them there are some really creative uses for them. 

3. Clothing (Not always yours)
Clothing is a fast seller if you know what is selling. Take a peak through your local Facebook selling groups, and on Kijiji to see what you may own that you no longer use that could make you some fast cash.

Another way to make some fast cash on clothing is to hit up your Value Village and thrift shops. Many times you will find brand new clothing with tags still attached that are name brand. You will only pay a few dollars for it, and you can then sell it online for more. 

Kids clothing is among the most popular items that sell super fast. If you group items into lots such as "These 5 shirts for $20" they will sell much faster putting cash in your pocket faster.

4. Kids Toys & Yard Toys
Kids toys can be so pricey and many parents turn to online to grab a great deal and fast. 

Large outdoor play items and dollhouses sell very fast. Make sure to clean up and prepare your toys before taking pictures to sell them for cash.

Facebook buy and sell groups are the perfect spot to sell your kids older bikes, Lego's and outdoor toys. 

5. Sports and Work-Out Equipment 
If that treadmill in the corner of your living room is only used for hanging clothes on, get cash for it! We all have that one workout item we bought and then it sat and we never used it.

These items sell pretty fast on Kijiji and on Facebook selling groups. Make sure your's has all the working pieces and parts and score yourself some cash for them.

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