Ultimate Guide to Saving Money in Each Room of Your House or Apartment.

Each room in our homes costs us money daily whether you think about it or not! We can either just tolerate it and watch our finances get crushed or fight back at the rising costs and learn ways to save more money in each room of our homes. 

I am always looking for ways to save money, even thinking outside the box sometimes. I stopped buying these 11 things to save almost $6100..

Saving money when you have no money may seem impossible but it's actually pretty easy if you stick to just a few limitations. 

Guide to saving money in every room

 Laundry room

save money in the laundry room

  • Learn to make your own laundry soap to save hundreds of dollars a year
  • Use Vinegar as softener. Works like a charm.
  • Check with your local hydro company about the cheapest hours to running your laundry machines
  • Invest in an indoor clothes drying rack from Amazon. (I love mine and it has paid for itself over and over.)
  • Don't ever wash half loads
  • Always use cold water
  • Always clean lint traps in dryer.
  • Make sure the vent leading to the outside is clear of any obstructions.
  • Hang bed sheets over doorways to dry. They dry super fast!

  • Never pay for toothbrushes & toothpaste. Very often Crest goes on sale for $0.99 and just as often there are coupons available to save $1 off. 
  • Get all your toilet paper free using the method I do. Free bathroom products from Amazon.ca
  • Install a low flow shower head. You can get one for under $15 here on Amazon.
  • Just like the laundry soap, start making your own soaps. Once you get to be a pro at making your own soaps, you could start your own business from home selling those soaps. Making Natural Liquid Soaps is a great place to start learning about soap making, You can be making your own body washes too!
If the idea of starting a soap making business intrigues you this book will get you started. The Soap Making Business Start Up.

  • Start using the bathroom sink plug, instead of letting the water run.
  • Stop wasting money on toilet bowl cleaners. A tiny amount of baking soda and a small amount of vinegar and let it sit for 10 minutes then go back and wash out your sparkling bowl.
  • Cut your shower times in half. 

Fridge & Food
  • Stop paying full price for all your food.There are many foods you pay full price for that you could be getting for free or next to free. There are certain foods I never pay full price for
  • Use all the cash back and money making shopping apps you can when grocery shopping
  • Reach out to companies that will mail you coupons.
  • Make sure you are not doing some of these 11 things while grocery shopping.
  • Put paper towel in your crisper drawers to absorb the condensation and preserve your fresh vegetables longer
  • Throw an apple into your bag of potatoes, this prevents them from sprouting and keeps them firm and fresh. I hate throwing out half bags of potatoes, it is such a waste of money. 
  • Don't wash your lettuce, carrots and other fresh produce until you are going to be using it.
Kitchen Cleaning

  • Make your own dish soap - Pinterest has so many creative ideas about making your own dish soap.
  • Use Baking Soda to clean the inside of the oven- Great tutorial on how to clean your oven with baking soda  from Whats Up Fagans
  • Baking Soda and lemons are the perfect Eco friendly cheaper way to clean your kitchen sinks, counter tops and almost everything.
Living Room
living room

  • Stop leaving the TV on when you will be out of the room for awhile. TV's plain and simple are power suckers.
  • Unplug things like the karaoke machine you got cor Christmas and have only used once. 
  • Unplug your laptop while lounging in the living room and run it on battery power. Its good for the batter life to run it down and you aren't wasting hydro running a device that can run without power for awhile.
  • Change your light bulbs in your lamps and ceiling lighting with energy saving soft light bulbs
  • Invest in a power strip - Saves hydro and time when you can turn off everything at once. They are also much safer to use.
  • Clean spots from the carpet and curtains with homemade carpet cleaner.  PopSugar has all the instructions you need to get started.
  • Stop paying for cable. Everything you can dream of watching can be found online, You 


  • Stop using plug in scented products. You are simply wasting money. Learn to make your own DIY air fresheners. The Spruce has a great list of 10 DIY air freshener ideas.
  • Unplug things like the TV and massagers that will draw power while you are not using them or even home.
  • For children's rooms use this amazing tip to getting pee stains out of a mattress instead of replacing the mattress.
  • Keeping the romance alive and not spending a fortune if anything at all is possible. Moments make lasting memories not pricey gifts and novelty's.
Romance on a budget

Toy Room

Toy Room

  • Keep half the toys in your toy room put away and switch them out every 3 weeks. Saving you money on buying new and fresh toys. Kids forget quickly what toys they have.
  • Print out creative and gorgeous pictures for the toy room wall instead of buying pricey framed art. Here is over 60 kids printable pictures for kids room walls
  • When purchasing toys for your toy room do it online through sites like Swagbucks, Ebates, and TopCashBack. These programs pay you actual cash back on your online shopping.
  • Avoid putting a TV in the play room. It tend to be just background noise while kids play and lets face it, playing and using their imagination is better than TV. Save yourself the power costs and simply don't put one in this room.

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