Try a 454g Bag of Fair Trade Coffee Free

Sign into your Social Nature account and click "I Want It" for a chance at getting to try a 454g bag of Fair Trade Coffee for free! A value of $16.50!

Everyone loves sampling something. The excitement of trying something new, just to even say "Hey, I tried that!" Social Nature offers you a chance to want it, sample it & share it.
Social Nature Want it. Try It. Share It program is a program that gives you a chance at trying something new and share your experience with others about it.

How do you get involved with this free Social Nature program?

This is a program that requires you have a Facebook account.
Sign up using your Facebook account, and complete your profile in full. The best way to be matched with the best samples for you is to complete your profile in detail.

Emails will come to you when Social Nature matches you with a sample offer.
The key to getting a sample offer is checking your emails often. There are limited amounts of samples and coupon offers. You must respond to the email promptly before spots fill up. You may lose out sometimes but don't get discouraged. There will always be another sampling offer in the future.

Once your account is set up, click on your wants. Clicking on a want does not ensure you will get that sample offer. If tells Social Nature that you have interest. When a sample offer for that want is available you will get an email.
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