Tips for Getting Rid of the Weekend Hangover

After an awesome weekend with friends and family drinking to nirvana, you may need to turn to some quick home remedies to lessen the pounding in your head!

Try one or two of these cures to get back to yourself quickly!

Tips for Getting Rid of the Weekend Hangover

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  • Drink lots of water before starting to drink
  • 1 teaspoon of olive oil before you head out to party is a trick many swear by
  • And the sure-fire way is to not drink. (Boring)
There is no cure for a hangover- Only things you can try to ease the symptoms. Some aides will help some and not others. Keeping trying until you find what works for your hangover or wine flu.

Ways to Ease the Pain of a Hangover

1. The ultimate cure for a hangover is to be under the age of 25
2. Distract yourself by doing something you enjoy that takes no effort. 
3. Eat, eat and maybe eat again. Eggs is the best, but if that turns your tummy, toast or crackers works. Just get food into you.
4. Do NOT drink coffee. Just don't!
5. Keep your sunglasses close
6. Sleep it off as much as you can.
7. Eat Ginger it reduces that nausea feeling.
8. Use Tiger Balm for the headache/migraine
9. Have your bestie or spouse rub the outside of your right foot. (Suppose to work)
10. Eat Bananas and pretzels 

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Home Made "Try it For Yourself" Cures for a Hangover or Wine Flu

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