Saturday, May 13, 2017

Like and Follow Are Different- Most People Don't Know How

As a blogger Facebook is a great tool to share coupons, current offers, just posted contests and giveaways, hot freebies and breaking news. We all have pages we love and follow faithfully, but do you know what a like offers you as a reader?

Like and Follow Are Different- Most People Don't Know How

Facebook changes so often it's often hard to keep up! As a page owner, I see all too often people complaining that they missed out on something great because they didn't see a post in their news feed of a page they have liked!

When you visit any page on Facebook at the top you see a simple bar with tabs:

Like - Follow - Share

Like and Follow Are Different- Most People Don't Know How

It used to be that if you "liked" a page you would see their posts in your newsfeed. So simple right? Well, we all know Facebook doesn't like simple so they changed it up!

When you like a page now it simply is liked a page. You won't be shown all their posts in your newsfeed, you probably won't ever see a post from that page at all. The "Like" option simply adds that page to your likes, so friends on your friend's list can see what pages you like.

The follow option is the important one if you want to actually see the latest and sometimes even time sensitive offers posted on a page.

When you hover over the follow tab options come up (See picture below). (1)See First (2)Default (3)Unfollow.

Like and Follow Are Different- Most People Don't Know How

The "See First" option will show you posts from pages you have followed in your newsfeed at the top. It will ensure that you no longer miss great posts from pages you enjoy.

The "Default" option will make sure you see the posts from pages you follow in your newsfeed, they may not be at the top but they will show in your feed.

As a coupon, freebie and making extra money blogger, I often get emails saying how did I miss that free sample!? I am a fan of your page and I never saw that post!

The simple answer is....Liking a page does nothing to enable a page's posts to show up in your newsfeed and you are probably missing many hot offers.

Now that you know the difference visit pages you like that you want to see in your personal newsfeed and click "Follow"!

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