How to Make a Little Side Money Poolside this Summer

Are you a water baby like me? I absolutely love being in the water and could spend all day laying in the sun and enjoying the water! 

I do have that blogger guilt sometimes when summer hits and being outdoors and soaking up the sun and fun takes priority. If I am blogging less and outdoors more I earn less of course, but I do keep on top of it and have a few awesome ways I make money while laying in the sun poolside.

How to Make Money Poolside this Summer

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There are a few ways you can make that cell that is always in your hands anyways make you a little extra cash while basking in the sun this summer. 

These are the simple ways I make money during the summer months from my cell and tablet while laying in the sun.

#1 Pictures are something I take non-stop everywhere I go, yes I am that person with over 1000 pictures in my cell, most so useless but were fun at the moment. I realized that I could be making money with those pictures and it really works!

There are even fun missions and contests where they ask for certain pictures, like a bird on the beach, or your sunscreen bottle laying in the sand! There are some big cash prizes to win too! Outside of the missions you can simply upload pictures and sell them for $10 each! Money while tanning? YES PLEASE!

#2 Years ago making money was almost impossible with surveys, most were scams and not trustworthy. Today things are much different and there is some amazing well known and trusting survey websites you can make some great extra money with. 

I have received countless cheques and rewards from each of the survey websites I am sharing with you. I recommend using your cell phone or tablet when taking surveys. It makes it go so much faster which means you earn more.

iSay Survey Panel English (Just started taking applicants, not sure how long that will last so get in now)
iSay Survey Panel French
LegerWeb - One of my top paying. Also, pays in Airmiles if you want.
Angus Reid Forum - This is also an extremely popular one
VIP Voice - You can win $1000 cash prizes too with this one.

#3 MobileExpression is an app that I was introduced to while doing my daily Swagbucks activities and all I had to do was download it. Not all cell phones will be compatible but most are! Once you have had the app installed for a week you will get your first free gift card.

This app is great. You do nothing! It's a set it and forget it app which makes you gift cards just for allowing it to run on your cell. Every Monday I get an app notification that says you have 2 credits. At 10 credits you can cash out an gift card which goes to your email within a day.

Best Finance Apps
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