How I Rarely Pay For Groceries Using These Solutions

Couponing in Canada

Almost all of us have used a coupon at some point for something. For years I have been able to leave the grocery store paying as little as $5 for a cart of groceries.

Sometimes I can even leave the grocery store with a cart full of products and get paid cash back instead of paying a cent! Having an abundance of coupons can make a full grocery cart of groceries become free groceries if done right!

How do I do it, and how can you use couponing the right way to amp up your savings?

How I Rarely Pay For Groceries Using These Solutions

In 2004 I had 3 young sons and a very tight budget. This is when I decided there was so much I could be doing as a stay at home mom to bring some more savings to our budget. Now in 2017 you can easily fill your grocery cart and pay next to nothing and get paid cash back. 

I turned to local coupon blogs and read every article I could find about saving money on groceries and how to maximize my savings for our home.
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With the tools to couponing at our fingertips with apps flyer websites and coupon blogs, there is no excuse for paying full price for groceries. 


grocery shopping solutions

  • Get signed up to be paid when you use a coupon
  • Plan to save money every time you go to the grocery store
  • Check before shopping
  • Match any coupons you have with the lowest prices on Flipp
  • Price match and shop at stores that pay overage.
  • Buy when the price is hot, not when the cupboards are empty
  • Know stock up prices for food you buy the most
  • Know where to find coupons on a regular basis
  • Learn how to shop online properly 

Important Tips for Your Couponing 

Not to just buy because you have a coupon - Unless the coupon makes the product free. Then I buy even if it's not something I will use. Those products get given to family or friends that can use it or donated to the local food bank. 

Stop meal planning right away - If you need to save as much money as possible or stick to a very tight budget planning your meals ahead is killing your budget. I know it's the old belief that planning ahead saves time and money. But that is completely false. Plan your meals around the lowest prices that week on Flipp and match those with coupons. 

Check ALL your cash back apps before setting foot into the grocery store. See what products they are offering you money for. If Checkout 51 is offering $1 back on a Kit Kat chocolate bar this week, you will remember that when you walk by a display with Kit Kat bars for a $1.  Once you upload your receipt that chocolate bar was now free for you.

The best Canadian cash back apps are Checkout51, Caddle, and Zweet.

Always be replenishing your coupons - Know when and where coupons are available and put the effort into getting them. Learn your local store's routines. In Barrie Ontario where I am, I know like clockwork that the Zehrs will have new coupons on their coupon board at the front entrances every Monday. Coupons you can order online and print online are very easy to get. Check the websites daily, because you just never know when a new coupon will pop up.

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Knowing the Scanning price accuracy code and which stores offer it can add up to some really nice savings. You must be watching the register and always check your receipts. You may just make yourself $10 or get a free product.

scanning price accuracy code

Your Grocery Receipts Will Make You Money grocery receipt
Under $4 for 16 Boxes of Barilla Pronto Pasta! 

Don't throw away your receipts. Once you get home from shopping or once you are back in the car (like I do) upload your receipt, by taking a picture of it and checking all your cash back apps. You have now made yourself some cash back! 

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