Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A Like & Share Won't Get You Anywhere

This should be the most un-needed post of all time!

But...It's needed! I watch every day on Facebook pages as disappointed people write a comment on an offer/post that they didn't get anything or win anything and they LIKED & SHARED!

Our Facebook news feeds can lead us to some great deals, interesting news, free sample offers, giveaways and contests. Knowing what to "Like" and what to not like can be a different story. Anything you like is shown to all your Facebook friends in their news feeds so liking can be a great way for friends and family to see what you thought was interesting.

Liking posts on a particular page we follow also helps Facebook to know what you want to see more of.
A Like & Share Won't Get You Anywhere

Comments such as the one below are from people being tricked by the wording of the post title OR the post image.

Here is the breakdown of what LIKE & SHARE mean and what those actions do.

What does a like do?

  • It alerts the page owner that you liked that post
  • It ensures that you will continue seeing that pages posts in your personal Facebook timeline
  • It can gain you an entry to a contest or giveaway if stated in the title of a post.
  • It tells Facebook what kind of posts and information you like seeing and they, in turn, show you more like it.
  • When you like something on Facebook, it shows up in the news feeds of your friends and family
What does a like NOT do?
  • A like does not get you something free ever
  • You will not automatically get a prize for liking a post
  • Nothing will arrive at your home in a package because you liked a post on Facebook
  • It does not make you an automatic subscriber of that page
Facebook Post Explanations 

Liking and sharing this post will get you nothing.
The picture below is a post that is telling you there are free shampoo's available for 300 people. 

A Like & Share Won't Get You Anywhere

Your eye is then drawn naturally to the bold text at the bottom of the post's image which tells you exactly this...
"Like and Share IF YOU WANT TO TRY" Many people believe that if they like this post and then share it, that automatically a free shampoo will be sent to them. This will never happen. 
Do you see the link under the post title with the arrow pointing at it?  That is the link to the offer that the post is referring too. 

You must take the time to click on that link, read it in full and register and fill out the forms to get 1 of those 300 shampoo's available. 
Liking and sharing does not get you anything.

Liking and sharing this post could win you a prize.

A post like this one below is a post that is offering a prize for likes and shares. 

A Like & Share Won't Get You Anywhere

Liking and sharing this post publicly to your timeline gets you an entry into the pages giveaway or contest. 

If you win for your like or share you will not automatically get a prize in the mail.

You must check back when the contest/giveaway is over and see who the posted winner is of that giveaway.

If you win a giveaway or contest from a like or share you will still have to contact that page with your mailing information. Facebook does not share your address and personal information with page owners simply because you liked a post.

Liking and sharing Facebook posts that interest us or posts that have a great offer is a great way of keeping posts of that nature showing up in your news feed. You have a better chance of not missing a post from a page you like by at least liking their posts from time to time. 

If you click like on fake news...fake news is what you will see more often in your Facebook newsfeed. 
If you like posts with coupons. freebies, hot giveaways, and contests you will see more and more of those in your newsfeed.

But always remember a simple like and share won't get you the offers, you must visit the link attached to that Facebook post.
Note: Some links in this post contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you make a purchase. Thanks for supporting Save-A-Toonie's money saving adventures!
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