5 Things I haven't Paid for In 6 Years

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6 years ago I had 3 young sons and a ton of incidental costs that come up when your raising a family.

You know the ones I am referring to! Birthdays, graduation gifts, seat belt tickets like I get! (Giggle) Now the costs are university incidentals, books and so on!

10 year old comes home from school super stoked that he has 3 not 1 or 2 but THREE birthday invites and they are all next weekend! That is the kind of incidental costs that can really burden a family budget quick! 

5 Things I haven't Paid for in Years
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After doing some pretty intense research I learned not only was Swagbucks part of the BBB Accredited Business, meaning It was safe to use and was legitimate.

I also learned that over $185,000,000 had been paid out to members, and I wanted my slice of this cash pie! CTV news talked about it briefly and how it's an easy way to make extra money online. 

Those things combined had me hooked and I have never looked back! 
I had just started blogging and came across a program that I actually avoided for 1 solid year!! Man do I ever regret that! But I am just like you and some things we think...just can't work! This one did and now six years later it's still helping my family keep costs down!

I am all about free, hence why I own Saveatoonie.ca. I love teaching others different ways to save money and make money to ease the budget.

I don't won't have money to put out on schemes and selling products and quite frankly wouldn't want to! I quickly started reading other bloggers experiences with this program and was shocked at how easy it really was and was honestly jealous when I would see the free stuff they were getting weekly because of it!

5 Things I haven't paid for in years because of Swagbucks

  • Birthday presents
  • Bathroom products like toilet paper, shampoo, razors
  • Boxed foods & dishwasher tabs and laundry soap
  • Books- Kindle or paperback
  • Adult coloring stuff- I am hooked. I have extreme high anxiety and it does wonders for me.
  • BONUS ONE:Saving money
Swagbucks is completely free to join, use and redeem from, which means zero risk to you.What do you have to lose?  Sign Up Here

When I joined Swagbucks I was lazy, and I think of all the free stuff I missed out on because of my skepticism. But within 3 months of doing a routine every day on Swagbucks I was shocked at the parcels I was getting in the mail...how much they helped out and kept the incidental costs away from my family budget.

What do you have to do to earn SB's? (Swagbucks Virtual Currency)

I learned pretty quickly that for the year I hummed and hawed about joining I was doing things online every day that I would have been earning money for!

  • Everyday instead of searching using Google, use the Swagbucks search to win free SB's.(Free money for doing a search you would do anyway. I even search Facebook every morning instead of just going to Facebook I have scored many wins doing that.
  • Answer surveys and earn big SB's. You even get an SB if you are disqualified from a survey because of your location.
  • When you shop online do it through your Swagbucks account and get paid cash back on your purchases
  • Print coupons for groceries and earn and then earn when you use them too!
  • Play everyday games and win some pretty sweet SB's
  • Follow them on social media almost daily free Swag codes (free SB's) are given to ALL members. You just have to find them and add your code.
  • Complete Swago boards when they happen BIG SB's can be made there. (Swago is a Swagbucks type of bingo)
  • Join promotions to win and earn SB's super fast.
  • You don't need to have referrals to make money.

Below is a screen shot of my latest cash-outs which couldn't be any easier. Within 3 days of requesting my rewards they are there. in the 6 years I have been with Swagbucks I have never had one issue cashing out or receiving what was owed to me.

Swagbucks Redemption's
Swagbucks Redemption's 

Lately I have opted more for PayPal because I got a seat belt ticket that I had to pay! And thanks to Swagbucks not a penny of that ticket came from my wallet!  

But I always get Amazon.ca gift card codes and a little further down the post I will explain why I chose to do that.

Amazon is a little bit of an addiction I can't get enough! But hey right to my door free shipping and everything I order is free becasue I only shop with the gift cards I get from using Swagbucks. And it lately has gotten even better because now you can get cash back when you shop on Amazon too! So you get money back on money you actually didn't spend! You MAKE money off of your free stuff.

Saveatoonie meme

It only took me about 3 months of learning the in's and outs of Swagbucks and the best way to earn the most without having to spend hours a day on it.

I have not paid for a birthday present out of pocket in years. I stock pile my SB earnings and convert them into Amazon.ca gift cards and when those birthday invites I know I can have gifts bought and delivered usually within 3 days! 

Currently there are over 15 million members and growing daily. We all can't be wrong can we?

If you are looking for a way to stop paying out money on even 1 of the 5 things I stopped buying, Swagbucks is an amazing choice. I share all my Amazon boxes here on Saveatoonie.ca to show you just how easy it is. 

I have a big box of goodies coming tomorrow that was all thanks to Swagbucks watch for that post and screen shots of the invoices! I believe strongly in only sharing things that have worked for my family, and this is one I know your family will benefit from.

If you are struggling to earn SB's or just have questions to get the ball rolling contact me and I will help you along. Using Swagbucks is always free, and there is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Note: Some links in this post contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you make a purchase. Thanks for supporting Save-A-Toonie's money saving adventures!