Saturday, May 6, 2017

4 Places You Forgot to Get Canadian Coupons

4 Places You Forgot to Get Canadian Coupons

So often people forget these few spots that have some really amazing coupons. Some of the highest valued coupons come from these 4 sources.

Trade shows and Home Shows.
Visiting the local shows when they are in town can really score you some great high-value coupons. Often vendors are very generous with offers at these shows. The National Women's Show is one I never miss. I always come home with hundreds of dollars worth of coupons and freebies as


Magazines have great coupons in them if you take the time to look through them. Makeup coupons are often in fashion magazines. Canadian Living is also great for coupons.

Newspapers and Flyers

Local newspapers often have great coupons for local businesses. Coupon mail outs that are within the paper are a great place to find coupons.

Personal Contact

Calling the company of a brand you use often is a great way to get coupons mailed to you. You will be surprised how many brands will mail you out free product coupons and $1 coupons just for asking.

Companies that mail coupons

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