10 Household Items You Should Probably Replace Today!

As life gets busy and time passes we too often forget that certain items around the house need to be replaced to keep up healthy and our home clean!

Many of us (me included) go way past the suggested life span of some household items.

There are so many products around your house that you should replace from time to time, but this list is 10 of the most important household items that do have a life expectancy and need to be replaced!

10 Household Items You Should Probably Replace 

Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher - These must be replaced every 15 years. If you see visible damage or cracks then replace it immediately. Keeping your family safe is worth every cent by buying a replacement.

Pillows- After 2 years pillows are most definitely going to have dust mites throughout them and well that is just plain gross and unhygienic. Daily use also causes pillows to lose their original intend shape which can only lead to neck aches and poor sleep.


Toothbrush - Now here is one I know we are almost all guilty of! Remembering to replace our toothbrushes is super easy to do. Toothbrushes and toothpaste are products you can get free by matching a $1 coupon with a $1 sale which happens a lot with the Crest brand. Replace every 3 months.


Sponges -  Every 2 weeks throw out that nasty mold growing bacteria breeding sponge! Nothing is worse than washing something with nastiness. Did you know the kitchen sponge is 200,000 times dirtier than a toilet!?


Bras & Bathing Suits- Bras and bathing suits tend to last about 1-2 years and that is if you bought a top brand of good quality. Now if you only put your bathing suit on once a year this would be different for you. But for those of us like me who can't stay out of the water during the summer months replacing it is best. Bras should be replaced as soon as they loose their shape or any stretching or tearing is happening.


Pacifier - Now these little suckers are quite the lifesaver for those who use them. I used them for 2 of my sons, my third never needed one so I never used one. These are little germ holders that you need to be on top off! Any cracks at all are a breeding ground for germs.2-4 weeks is all you should use a pacifier for.

Towels - Wet towels are a mega breeding ground for bacteria but even washed and maintained towels need to be replaced every 2-3 years. I love a brand new fluffy full of life towel! 


Flour - With all the flour recalls lately being on top of how long a bag of flour has been in the cupboard should be top priority. After 6 months you should replace the bag of flour sitting in the cupboard.


Sunscreen - Sunscreen manufacturers generally make their lotions to stay effective for 3 years from the date of opening. They do lose effectiveness and will save your skin from nothing if the bottle has expired. Always read the expiry dates. Remember to store your sunscreen bottles in cool temperatures.


Hairbrush - This is one item we use multiple times a day. Now if you are doing the weekly cleaning of your brush you can use it for a year before replacing it. But if you are not deep cleaning your brush weekly, replace it every 6-7 months.

What household items do you replace often?
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