Save a Toonie is Facebook Verified- Saving You Money Legitimately

Last year Facebook implemented verified pages to start fighting the spammers and scammers on the platform.  The amount of spam pages on Facebook is astronomical and growing daily. But many even ones you may think at first glance are legitimate are not.

With the added layer of protection with Facebook verified pages, you can now make sure you are actually following the business you thought it was. Not a fake or reproduction page that also posts spam.

In the coupon freebie and contest world spammers and scammers are a plenty. Even some of the largest pages posting coupons, free sample offers and contests are actually posting simply spam to draw you in, while they get paid. 

The last thing any of want is to waste our time or click on a post that leads us nowhere but into the spammers abyss. 

Public figures and registered legal business's can now have their Facebook fan pages verified by Facebook and get a grey check mark or blue. This lets people know that the page they are liking and following is legitimate and verified.

Public figures get a blue check mark when they are verified. Registered businesses get a grey one.

Page owners can not verify their own pages, this can only be done by Facebook and their team. It takes quite a bit of proof and legal documents to get your page verified.

When you follow pages on Facebook for couponing, saving money, contests, and resources start watching for the grey check mark to ensure an added layer of protection to yourself from spam and scams.

Currently Save a Toonie is the only Canadian coupon, money saving website with a verified Facebook page. Every post shared on the blog or on our social media pages is thoroughly checked for validity and posted with the best intentions always.  

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How to Get Your Facebook Page Verified

You must be a local business, company or organization that is legally registered.

In the settings of your Facebook page:
Click -> Settings ->General->Page Verification. 

It was ask for a phone number to call. But this step is futile. Even if they call and you insert the code they give you Facebook will still say sorry we can't verify using that method. Can't say I blame them either, making a fake number to have a call placed to is far too easy lately.

The next step to verification is to have your legal documents ready to upload and send into Facebook. Make sure your page name matches your business licence or company name..

Once you upload your documents it's time for the waiting game. It can take up to a week for Facebook to look at your documents and approve or deny you. Fortunately our verification took under an hour.

What does Facebook Look For?

After taking quite an extensive Facebook Marketing coarse I learned just how many mistakes I was actually making on my Facebook fan page. These things will keep your reach down and make it almost impossible to become verified.

Facebook's Algorithm Does Not Like The Following:

  • Over 20% words in any pictures
  • Only posting your own content (you need to share other pages content)
  • Using banned words such as "Free, Coupon, Giveaway, Contest,"
  • Not having all the page profile information completed and visible.
  • Not responding to comments on posts
  • Posting more than 4x daily on your Facebook page
  • Having fans that are not from your target country (This is a huge one. I have deleted over 2000 fans in the last week that were not in Canada)
  • Having fans with no profile pictures
  • Having more than one page with the same posts. (Facebook see's this as spam)

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