Learn How to Win More Prizes

You are looking around and seeing people winning amazing prizes, going on elaborate trips, driving a flashy car they won. Contests and giveaways have a always been a highly popular activity for both company and consumer. Every single day hundreds if not thousands of new contests are launched.

If you want to win more prizes, find more contests and learn a few tricks to boost your luck you are in the right spot. Contest entering is a big passion of mine and I have learned so many worthwhile tricks and tips along the way. 

Giveaways, contests, and random draws are all a ton of fun to participate in and can yield some amazing prizes. Some people even make a living out of entering contests daily.

I Want to Start Winning Prizes But How...

That is the statement I hear daily from people when they hear about the prizes I and others have won. Once you experience winning its a feeling you want again and again. Some people make a comfortable living at winning contests. Can you imagine? I wish! 

How do you know where to find contests? What are the contest laws? How much can I win? I don't know how to use Twitter. Pinterest and Instagram to enter contests....what do I do?

Contests have changed so much in just the last 5 years alone..with Re-Pinning, Regraming and Retweeting being a foreign language to some, entering to win a prize you really want may seem a tad intimidating.

I created this post for the sole purpose of being  able  to share with you the tons of tips and the how to's of entering contests the right way, winning more often, finding contests you really want to win and how to enter contests properly on different social media channels.

Contest Entering Should Be Treated as a Hobby

When we really want to accomplish something we put effort in to it, we strive for it everyday...the same can be said about enter contests and winning more often. If you want to see real results and start having prizes rolling in put aside 25 minutes a day as you would any other hobby. With effort comes results.

Toolkit for Contest Entering

New email- No joke...trust me this step is worth it. Nothing sucks more than finding an email in your spam folder that's months old and it says "Hey Congratulations You Won A Prize and you have 72 hours to claim it"! You lose out on that prize! Use this email only for entering contests. Check both spam folder and inbox daily

Prize Bucket List - Having a prize bucket list the way to win more of what you actually want. I have a bullet journal just for contests and giveaways. If you narrow your contest searches to prizes you want to win..you may be surprised at the outcome.
Robo Form or your browser auto fill option are extremely helpful in saving time when you are entering numerous contests and giveaways at one time.  

How and Where Do I Find Contests

When I first started entering contests as an actually hobby and realized my tricks were working and I was winning more than a few times a month...I thought about all the time I wasted entering contests that weren't legitimate or even open to the county I lived in. 

Knowing how to search for contests open to your locale and the legitimate ones, you have to know exactly how to use your search engine to your benefit. A few minor adjustments to the way you search for the latest posted contest can provide some low entry and hot contests.  Learn how to search Google the RIGHT way for contests.

Be Social

Social networks are the most popular spots for contests and giveaways. Bloggers use them 100% of the time to share their giveaways and fabulous contests. Brands have turned to their social media accounts too.

Being a member of the top social networks broadens your searches for contests to enter.

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Winning Contests is not as hard as you may think.   Reading the rules and regulations in full of any contest you want to enter is a must to win more. Make sure your county city and age meet the criteria. 

Be picky! Yes picky....don't enter just everything you see. As a middle aged women in Canada, I probably wouldn't be entering to win a 1300 FT palm tree...or maybe I would but common sense will pay off. Doing a few strategic things like having a prize bucket list can increase your odds of winning more contests.

Tips to Winning More Contests/Giveaways

Too often contest winner's lose out on prizes they have won in Facebook contest's and giveaway's only because they don't know where to look for the winning inbox message...Do you know how to find your hidden Facebook Messages? ...Many prizes are forfeited because winning messages were not seen.

Facebook Contest Winnning

Filtered is the spot you will want to check regularly for missed messages. The difference between the "Other folder" & the new " Filtered " box is notifications. You do not get a notification when you have a message in the filtered box.
If you are anything like me, I love giveaway's and contests that brands have on their fan pages. Most have the instructions that they will private message you if you win.
People that are not on your friends list may wish to contact you...or a brand may be trying to reach you so you can claim your prize.
Check your Filtered box daily. those messages will not come to your inbox and will have no notification.
Click Messages >> Message Requests>>> Filtered Requests

Instant Win Contests

When it comes to instant win contests, which are contests that will have a pop up notification stating you just won yourself a prize....these are among the top favorite to contest lovers. Instant gratification is a human nature quality most of us have. 

Instagram contests are becoming super popular among brands, knowing how to regram a post will help you not miss out on a contest you may want to enter.

Knowing how to regram something on Instagram will come in very handy if you actually want to win prizes
What does regram mean? It means simply to repost but in Instagram language.

Simple Ways to Regram  on Instagram

Repost for Instagram is a great app that pretty much does it all for you.. I especially like this app becasue when entering a contest or giveaway sometimes being fast wins you a prize. 

Repost for Instgram Android 
Repost for Instagram iTunes

If you are not into downloading an app you can do it the old fashioned way.

WikiHow has a great article showing you step by step how to screenshot posts on Instagram.

If you have won a prize and yet never received it....there are ways to track down your missing prize.

How Can Winning Contests Help Financially 

There are many contests that offer prizes that can most definitely help you financially. Cash prizes, PayPal cash prizes, Travel vouchers, Trips, food for a year, toilet paper for a year, gas for a year, gift cards, prepaid credit cards..I could go on forever. These contests are not hard to win, you just have to have a level of commitment and a few activities every day online. 

For the last 7 years we have saved $1000's on food, toiletry products, razors, toys and games for my sons, back to school items, large items such as steam cleaners, coffee machines, and most of these were completely free from doing the exact steps I have shared with you.

Guide to Prize Winners Etiquette 

prize winners guide

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