How to Price Match Effectively

Price matching is one of the best ways to save money on groceries and do your shopping all in one spot...saving you on gas as well.

Too often I hear people say it seems too complicated or it's too confusing so they don't bother. If you understand the process of price matching is quickly becomes second nature and you love seeing the savings add up.
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Simple steps to price matching

Find the deal you want to get in your current flyers and circle the ad for the price you want to pay. Finding the lowest price on a product is easier than ever now if you use to search the exact product you are looking for. Once you have your lowest price on that particular product circle it. This will save you time and aggravation at the register. Flyers and apps are needed to price match effectively.

Price matching apps


Pick the store you want to price match at

Knowing your local store's price matching policy is a must before you head out shopping. Walmart is the most popular store to do price matching at for many people. You also need to know your store's limit on price matching. Some stores will only allow price matching of 6-8 items of the same product. Making a quick call to your local store will clear up any questions you have.

Can I use a coupon and price match at the same time

Walmart for sure will allow you to use a coupon on an item you are price matching. If your cashier is having trouble letting you do this, be polite and ask to speak with a manager. A quick call to other stores will let you know if other local stores will allow you to use a coupon while price matching.

When can I not price match

Using a buy one get one free coupon aka BOGO coupon is not allowed when price matching, unless clearly stated on the coupon.
Gift with purchases offers is also not permitted when price matching.

Tip: If you are buying a fair amount of items and will be price matching, place the items being price matched at the end of your order at the register. Watch as these items are scanned it, and make sure to tell the cashier you are price matching before she begins scanning items. 

Stores in Canada that have a price matching policy

Giant Tiger
Home Depot
No Frills
Canadian Tire
Real Canadian Superstore
Best Buy
Sleep Country Canada
Sport Chek
Toys R Us
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