Swagbucks Income Report

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Let me start by admitting that one of my biggest addictions is Amazon.ca and my second addiction is domain names. Okay, now that the secrets out I can tell you just how I fund those two addictions without spending a cent from my own pocket.

Swagbucks Income Report

A few years ago I opened up a Swagbucks account. I let it sit for about 4 months before even paying attention to what I was missing. I saw this blogger on Facebook always sharing really sweet boxes of stuff she was getting on Amazon and that she was getting it free. I was skeptical and again I left my Swagbucks account sitting. I would sign in every couple weeks and do squat! One of my many regrets in the online world.


Swagbucks is a program that can earn you money extremely easy, save you money, pay you back money on online purchases and even win you money. All my vices wrapped up into one! Completely free of charge to join earn and cash out! To date, Swagbucks has paid us, members, over $150,000,000 in cash rewards. Swagbucks is also a Better Business Bureau  Accredited Business which means it's completely legitimate and 100% safe. With Swagbucks, you earn a virtual currency (SB) that can be cashed out in actual currency in a range of different ways. There is even a Swagbucks credit card!


There are days just sitting for 20 minutes at my laptop I can make a $25 Amazon gift card or $25 PayPal cash. Think about that for a second....you can make more than minimum wage for 20 minutes of your time on some days.

Money made with swagbucks
Swagbucks Promotions can really pay off. Promotions happen quite often which is awesome! I never miss a promotion, or Swago Board those days you can snag a ton of SB'S that can be turned into money.
When I cash out my Swagbucks account there are only two processes I choose from. You get the most bang for your dollar with Amazon.ca gift cards and PayPal cash which then goes right into your bank account.

In 2014 I saved all my SB'S (Virtual Currency) and then in October cashed out the balance in Amazon gift card codes which made all my holiday shopping completely FREE for me. Seriously a huge weight off my mind. Swagbucks was a life saver that year.

What I do On Swagbucks to Make Money

  • SURVEYS - I kick myself in the ass every time I think of all the surveys I passed up on in my first year of having a Swagbucks account. The money I could should have made if I have only realized how quick and easy it was to earn. Surveys are high paying and very easy to do. I use my tablet or cell phone app to complete them, being able to use the touch screen makes surveys a breeze to do.
  • COUPONS- Only in the last year have I started to print coupons. As brands turn more and more to printable coupon offers, I had to cave if I wanted to save the most. I am an avid couponer who refuses to pay top dollar for anything. If you want to get the most out of a coupon use them through Swagbucks. Another way to earn that I missed early on. Print your coupons from within your Swagbucks account, When you use the coupon in a store you will MAKE 10 SB'S! We get paid to save money using a coupon! 
  • PROMOTIONS & SWAGO -Promotions happen monthly and most months there is multiple promotions happening with bonus ways to earn. Swago is a form of Bingo and is such a fun easy way to get yourself at least 300 SB'S in a matter of minutes,
  • DOMAIN NAMES & SERVICES - A domain name is something I believe everyone should have even if you don't have a website or blog just yet. If you have a unique name idea you should claim it! Who know's what the future holds right? Anytime I think of a super awesome domain name I may want to use in the future I turn to Swagbucks. I go to my offers page and I purchase it through my Swagbucks dashboard from GoDaddy.com. Swagbucks then pays me not only for buying it with over 1200 SB's which is $12.00....Making the domain name purchase totally FREE! THEN....Swagbucks rewards me by paying me cash back on the purchase of the domain name! I just got paid to buy a domain name...! Services like Netflix and a ton others I also turn to Swagbucks. We earn for purchasing and then earn cash back on it as well. 
  • SWAGCODES - These are a favorite. Free codes that you can enter into your Swagcode box within your account that simply give you completely free SB'S. They happen randomly and across of Swagbucks's social platforms.
  • FREE OFFERS PAGE -  This is where we can make tons of SB'S. You earn for doing free activities. They could be anything from liking a Facebook page, trying an app, playing a new game to level 3 and so on. I earned over 1200 SB'S as you can see above in the first screen shot for a trial of an app. The app cost me nothing. I signed up for the trial using PayPal and then canceled it once the seven days were up. Not all offers allow this so read each one in full.
  • Blog Influencer - A couple years ago Swagbucks went and out did themselves and started an influencer program for bloggers and social influencers. It's a program designed for people with a blog, YouTube channel, Tumblr or other sources of influence over a large number of people. Once you are in influencer you earn 10% of your referrals earnings and more for sponsored posts and other activities.
Making money online with Swagbucks is ridiculously easy and can be really addictive once you see your money growing in your account.

Swagbucks Income For February 2017:

$175 in PayPal Cash
$38 in Amazon.ca gift cards

Not bad for a free program that I sign into daily and do a few tasks. I usually only cash out Amazon.ca gift cards because you truly do get the most out of your money that way. See the cashout options below for Amazon.ca gift cards. These are lifesavers when you live pay check to pay check. Getting products from Amazon completely free using the money I earned on Swagbucks has made it much easier to make ends meet many months.
Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks
Did you notice that the $25 Amazon.ca gift card is on sale? This happens quite often on Swagbucks. So check all the rewards you are interested in and you could snag quite a deal.

Note: Some links in this post contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you make a purchase. Thanks for supporting Save-A-Toonie's money saving adventures!

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