How to Save Money When You Have No Money

Saving the money you don't have seems like the impossible right? That is what I thought when I decided to put an actual effort into saving some money. I wasn't looking to save hundreds of thousands, but some "I feel like going away for the weekend with friends" and "Damn! My car broke down" money.

How to Save Money When You Have No Money

My goal is to save money without taking any money from my monthly income. I already use every measure to save the most money I can monthly on utilities, groceries and most all purchases I make online. On top of saving money on everyday things, I have some easy and obtainable ideas to save money. 

Money that I don't have (yet).

IDEA #1 
Using PayPal to my advantage.  Many times when I make money online PayPal is the method of Payment. It's an easy way to get paid and a great way to keep the money out of my bank account which makes it easier to spend. It is much easier to save money you don't have instant access to. I am going through all my online websites I do work for that pay in PayPal and making sure that I chose PayPal only as my payment method. One of the easiest online incomes I have ever made online is paid by  PayPal.


Pictures are another way I plan on getting some extra money that can be saved. On Foap pictures can be sold for $10 a picture.  At $10 a picture that can be uploaded and sold, for only 20 pictures that is $200 towards the saving pot! Foap pays in PayPal money, so this money fits nice with idea #1.
$200 towards savings

IDEA #3 

Changing the way we eat and what we eat is another way I plan on saving about $300 dollars. Every dinner in our home has meat as part of it. We are big beef lovers and pork too. If I take the 6 meals a week of meat (Sunday I don't cook) and lower that to 2 nights a week of meat or even maybe 3 only the savings in meat costs can add up to money saved. There are tons of meals I can be making that are healthy (kinda) that don't consist of meat. 30 quick dinners without meat is a list I am eyeing up for ideas.

Using all the cash back programs and apps that save me money will be put into full force. Any cash I get back on my shopping will go into the savings goal. There are a few apps that will maximize savings on groceries and almost every other product or service out there.
$300 toward savings

IDEA #4 
Blogging more is one of the top ways for me to make up some extra money to add into my savings pot. Adding more articles on my larger well-established blog will also up the earnings fairly fast. So a little more dedication from me could be making myself and extra $1000 in money for savings.
$500-1000 towards savings

Idea #5 
Writing lists - by lists I mean 10 point list for Listverse. Listverse pays $100 per 10 point list you write and submit to them.The list has to be amazing so I say 1 well-written list should take about 1 week. Lists have to be 10 points on a subject you know about. For example, 10 reasons wearing sunscreen is good for you. And with each point a small paragraph explaining each point. Seems easy enough I think. So if I can write a minimum of 4 well-written lists a month that's an extra $400 a month in money to add to savings. Listverse pays with PayPal so again another idea that blends into idea #1
$400 towards savings

Idea #6 
Sell off. Selling a few things from around the house that aren't used anymore is a great way to add some money to a savings goal. I currently own 3 different Keurig's, a Hamilton Beach Brew Station and a Tassimo, since I generally only use the Tassimo and 1 Keurig the others would see quickly on Kijiji, Facebook or any other ad service. I am going to focus on clearing out unused items to add some quick cash to the savings.
$200 towards savings

Things to sell from around the house for quick cash

  • Old cell phones
  • Clothing
  • Old Movies & Videos games
  • Duplicate tools (I have 5 hammers for some odd reason)
  • Holiday decorations. (Tons I didn't even bother using this past year)
  • Jewelry 

Idea #7 - Making & Saving money made online. Anyone who knows me knows I love finding new ways to make money online, and love brainstorming about new and fresh ways to make money. The money I earn online from taking surveys (which really adds up) will now only be going into the savings goal. There are 7 survey sites I use to make money quickly online, but I am always on the hunt for new and upcoming programs.

Setting a goal is the first step to keeping myself on track to saving! If you are wanting to save up but are like me just can't take from the monthly budget to do that...try a few of these ideas. I will be doing an update post in a month or so to show you how it's going. I know I will fail here and there and I am okay with that as long as the end result is some money saved up.

Try a few of these ideas for yourself and ear mark the money you make as bonus money and set it aside in savings. In one year you can easily save $1800-3000 just from these 7 ideas I personally use to save money when I have no money.
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