Foods You Should Never Pay Full Price For

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With the marketing tricks that grocery stores have up their sleeves, it can be hard to know which products we should never pay full price for.

All sales and coupons go through a cycle that can be tracked and you can be getting a great deal every time, not just sometimes. There are some key foods that we buy weekly or monthly that you should never pay full price for.

Foods You Should Never Pay Full Price For

Eggs - Every 3-4 week's eggs are on sale at Shopper's Drug Mart. Never pay a cent over $1.77 Do you know how to know if the eggs you just found in the back of the fridge are fresh? In my simple cooking & cleaning tips post, I share that little tidbit.

Bread-  Wonder Bread goes on sale at Shopper's Drug mart every 3 weeks for $1.88

Food Basics also has a 3-week cycle for bread sales. Never pay over $1.99 for bread.

Toilet Paper - A great price for toilet paper is $3.99 and under. always print a coupon before shopping and use cash back apps. Royale has printable coupons on their website. Also if you subscribe to their free newsletter you will get coupons sent to you randomly.

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Shampoo & Conditioner - (Not a food I know) If you are using a top brand name like John Frieda, register with their website to their newsletter and get coupons and samples sent to you. Shampoo and conditioners are always on sale. If you can match a sale price of $2.99 with $1 coupon $1.99 is the most you should pay for Shampoo and conditioners. (Excluding brands such as John Frieda)

Pop & Chips -When the warm months are here our spending goes up on these products drastically. 
Tip: Get yourself a PC Plus points card if you don't already have one. When you see cases or 2L bottles of pop on sale for $1.88 per bottle or $3.49 a case, buy one and have your PC points card scanned. Now when you get your personalized points offers weekly, make sure you upload the offers to your card. Super easy only takes one click. In the following weeks you will start seeing offers on higher points values on your pop purchases. You can really rack up points super fast. Almost weekly since scanning my card on my first pop purchase I have had offers for 6000 bonus points plus for a $20 purchase on pop.
Coupons do pop up for pop is a great place to watch for chip coupons as well.

Chips cycle through a sale every 2 weeks at shoppers for $1.88 usually on their two-day weekend sales. $1.88 is the most you should pay for chips.


As a mom of 3 boys with massive appetites...cereal is one product I learned I could really save money on if I did it right.

Cereal goes on sale every second week at most large chain grocery stores. Don't be brand loyal if you want to save the most on cereal. Register for newsletters with the brands of cereal you love, for random coupons mailed to you and email coupons as well. Cash back programs have cash back offers quite often as well. When you do get a great deal, buy no more than 6. Coupons for cereal are often found on other cereal boxes and in aisles and on Zehrs coupon boards.Never pay over $1.99 for a box of cereal. 

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Best cash back apps for money back on cereal you buy are Checkout 51 & Caddle


Don't buy shredded cheese unless you can get it on sale for $4.99 and you have $1 coupon or even a $0.75 coupon. Shred bricks of cheese yourself when you snag a great deal and freeze the shredded cheese for use later. Brick cheese cycles every 2-3 weeks throughout different grocery stores.A full-size brick of cheese for $3.44-$3.99 is the most you should pay.

Dry Pasta

Pasta companies are always offering coupons for their products. Barilla &Catelli often go on sale for $0.99 a box and even $0.88. Coupons for pasta can be found on Zehrs coupons boards and online as printable coupons.If you match a $1 coupon you are at the stock up price! 
See how we got 16 boxes of Barilla pasta for under $4

Coupon Websites for Coupons in Canada

When you head out grocery shopping, eat a snack beforehand, to fight off impulse buying. Have a plan. Search for the lowest prices in your local grocery stores. And don't be fooled by sneaky marketing. Know your prices and save the most! Happy shopping! 

Note: Some links in this post contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you make a purchase. Thanks for supporting Save-A-Toonie's money saving adventures!

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