12 Places You Can Try Products Free to Review

12 Places You Can Try Products Free to Review

When you find yourself with some free time trying new products can be a fun and addicting activity to get involved in. Getting a new and exciting product in the mail is a great feeling, and the icing on the cake is getting it free of charge. Some product review programs even pay their members for their time in writing the reviews.

Before you start signing up for all these great programs print your product reviewing organizer to keep track of what products you get, when the review is due and what company the offer came from. Keeping organized will keep you on time with product reviews which brands want. Keep a brand happy is the way to get more offers down the road.

There is a  program that you should download to keep your reviews top notch. Grammarly is free to use and will keep your written reviews error free. It runs in the background which I really like, no matter where I am writing it will show me corrections and suggestions. There is a paid version as well.


Best Buy Baby Samplers Program is a product review program for mothers of children 2 and under. Apply for a free account. 

BzzAgent - Open to Canada, US, UK/Europe, and Brazil this is one of the easiest programs to be a part of. Just sign up for your free account and make sure you answer all the surveys in your account. Without these surveys being done, you won't get picked for product campaigns. When a product is up for review you will get a time sensitive email asking if you want in. Answer these emails quickly, there is only a set amount of product to be given out. 

Having a blog is not required.

Canadian Tire Testing Panel- Once approved only a few offers a year come in, but they are massive offers. I got a paint offer last year where I got to paint 3 rooms in my home for free. I have seen others get lawn mowers and other large products for review.

Chick Advisor - Chick Advisor is another great program that is fairly easy to use. Make a free account and show them your reviewing style by writing 5 reviews on your own first. This is easy, just go to your bathroom products pick 5 and from within your Chick Advisor account review those products. This will increase your chances of being eligible for products. Having a blog is not required.

Crowdsocial - This is a favorite of mine. Make your free account and sit back and wait for an email confirming you have been accepted. It won't come right away so be patient. When a product is available for review you will get an email with all the details of the offer and you can apply. Some product reviews are paid ones. Payment comes in the form of pre-paid MasterCard gift cards. So not only do you get a free product to test out, you also make some money on the side.

Elle Grand Prix - This offer comes around once a year and is the mega load of an offer. I got picked 2 years ago and received over $500 in top brand products to review. I suggest you sign up for the Elle email newsletter, that way you will know when the next application is open.

Social Nature- If you are into all natural products Social Nature is a great product review program to check out. You look through the products they have listed and click "I Want' on any that you would be interested in trying. When/if that product becomes available for review you will get an email letting you know you have been picked to try it. 

Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA) - To become a parent tester, register for a free account and watch for product offers to become available. Apply for the ones that interest you, and wait to see if you are one of the lucky product testers picked.

Home Tester Club (Brand Power) I have been with this program for a few years now and absolutely love it. Make a free account and fill in your profile completely. Check the Home Tested tab regularly for products that may be up for review. I wouldn't count on emails to let you know, you will end up missing out on some cool products. Currently there is a Glade product offer in the home tested tab. Product boxes that come usually have a few products in them.

Glam Sense - This is a fairly new program that came about in the last couple of years. It is part of TopBox. You sign up for an account and then wait. You generally won't get an email confirmation right away so be patient. When your account is approved you will get an email with your login information. Once approved all you do is wait for an email with a product available for review. The product boxes come very fast and all the brands are top well known brands.

Shopper Army - Shopper Army describes themselves as a product review program and it is...in a way. Once your account is approved you will get offers to try products in exchange for your product review. The deal is though that most offers are for a coupon for that product and not always a free product coupon. Many product reviews are dependent on you purchasing the product writing the review and then getting a $5 Amazon gift card. So only use this program if you already intended to purchase that product...then saving money from the coupon or getting a $5 Amazon gift card is a bonus.

XYStuff - This is brand new to Canada and is for MEN! They so deserve a product review program of their own don't you think!? This program is part of the Chick Advisor program for women. Make a free account and watch for products to be up for review. Simply apply and wait for an email response.

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