11 Things I stopped Buying to Save $6100

I am always looking for ways to save money and after taking a good long look at my spending habits it was clear the time was now-now-now! I stopped spending foolishly and changed some of my habits and started to see actual savings and pretty fast too! 

Keeping on track with controlling spending is the hardest part, but it is worth the effort especially when you have an extra $1500 in your hands to play with or plan with. There are also ways to save money when you have no money. 

11 Things I Stopped Buying to Save $6100

Things I Stopped Buying to Save Money

Coffee - Every time I left the house I was headed for the closest coffee shop to grab a coffee to enjoy while running errands. At $2 a coffee, and on an average day, 3 stops for a coffee is a whopping $180 a month!! This had to stop so I bought myself a stainless steel coffee mug, a coffee maker I love and stopped hitting the drive thru's. I have to admit it is much more enjoyable to have a coffee exactly how I want it, rather than paying for a drive-thru coffee that often tastes like pure crap. I know my spending on drive thru coffee is higher than most peoples, but there are some of you just as guilty as me for over spending on coffee.
Savings of $180 a month $2160 a year!

Dryer Sheets - With dryer sheets there are tons of uses so I do keep 1 box and 1 box only in the house always, but not for my laundry. I bought myself some awesome dryer balls that cut down dry time and cut out the cost of constantly buying dryer sheets.
Saving of $180 a year

Store Bought Cleaning Products - I stopped paying for high priced cleaning products and made the investment in a book that showed me exactly how to make my own natural cleaners and they work much better! Lemon can go a long way to odorizing a home and vinegar is magic when it comes to cleaning.
Savings of $150 a year

Cable - Cable prices were just too much for me to justify paying the price.So I got myself an Android TV box and never looked back. This decision saved me the most money! 
Savings of $1200 a year $100 a month

Food - Grocery shopping is one of the easiest ways to waste money if you do it wrong. Knowing how to shop and what foods you should never pay full price for can save thousands a year. I stopped buying single portion meals and pre-made frozen foods, and started buying the fresh ingredients and making meals and freezing them a week in advance. This saves on impromptu ordering in or dining out..I  bought myself 3 compartment reusable food storage containers with lids, that work  perfect for freezing single portion meals. I plan all my grocery shops, and use all the cash back apps available to me and even turn to shopping online for even higher savings.
Savings of $1100 a Year

Weekends - The weekends are when spending can happen too easy and mostly frivolously. Staying in and watching movies, hot bubbles baths, a good read on my Kindle is a great way to save money on the weekends. Inviting friends over for a meal keeps the wallet put away. When I feel the need to go out on the weekends I use a no spend policy. I was amazed how many free things and activities are offered in the community. 
Savings of $1000 a year

Shaving Cream - Once I experienced how much better a rich hair conditioner worked as a shaving cream, I stopped wasting my money on shaving creams. Skin is so much softer after shaving with conditioner. Being woman I can easily go through 2 cans of shaving cream in a month and that really adds up in dollars.
Savings of $120 a year

Brick Cheese - I kick myself so often about the amount of money I wasted buying shredded cheese. Easily I found myself paying $7.99 for a bag of shredded cheese and that's so crazy I can't believe I ever did that. I bought myself a cheese grater that fit my needs (we love cheese) and started buying bricks for the lowest price possible which is generally $3.44. I shred all our cheese now and freeze it for using later.
Saving of $100 a year

Cards - I stopped buying birthday cards, anniversary cards and so on. There are so many creative and unique printable cards for every occasion online and available to be printed. It saves money, makes the card a little more unique and it saves the almost $5.99 we pay for just a plain birthday card. Paper is so cheap and I get all my ink supplies at a great price too.
Savings of $120 a Year

Non-Stick Cooking Spray - Once I realized how much crap was actually in cooking spray I started using coconut oil. A tiny amount spread all over the pan does the job better and is much healthier.
Savings of $60 a year

Magazine Subscriptions - Everything that I want or need to read can be found online for free. A monthly subscription just doesn't make sense to me.

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