Shopper Army Review - Is It Worth Your Time?

Hi, Guys! I am sure you have heard about Shopper Army by now and probably even have an account. 

The quick answer to the question "Is it worth your time?" is yes and no. Let me explain...

I see Shopper Army posts on many blogs lately, telling people that Shopper Army is a great place to try products free in exchange for your honest review.....Even asking people to LIKE & SHARE as a free product offer. Clickbait at it's finest I guess. (Sigh) I prefer honesty with my readers, not the click!

I have been a member of Shopper Army for over a year now and free products is not a plus of Shopper Army.

As you can see with one of the offers from my dashboard above. I am expected to go buy the $15.99 product and when the campaign is completed they will give me an $8 Amazon gift card... Not free! This offer above is actually quite a high reward. Most are only ever a $5 Amazon gift card.

There are very rare times that you will find a completely free product with Shopper Army.

In your dashboard is a wishlist of products that you can click not interested or I wish for it. You will get an email if one of your wished for products is up for review. Just remember you will be expected to buy your own product and then given a small reward like a $5 gift card to Amazon.

Here is how Shopper Army works.

You make a free account with Shopper Army and fill out a quick questionnaire about you, your lifestyle and your family.

Once you have an account you can sign into your dashboard and opt into offers to try products, review them and....... well get a portion of the money back you spent on buying them.

Doesn't really seem like getting a free product for review, does it?

Final thoughts about Shoppers Army:

If you are looking for some money back on your purchases, then this is a great program for you. You spend $15.99 and get a few bucks back you are still saving!

But as a product review program or a program that bloggers claim will give you free products it's just not that kind of program.

Remember when you click yes to join a campaign and it says you must buy the product are now in a legal binding contract to do so. Avoid programs that ever ask you to pay to review a product. That's simply not how it works.!

If you are interested in actually making money or earning rewards for product testing...check out our product testing resource list.

Each offer is different so there may be some that you will make yourself $5 for.

If you are looking for totally free products to try and test out, check out our post 12 Places to Begin Product Reviewing. 
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