How to Get Every Last Dollar Off a Prepaid MasterCard

How to Get Every Last Dollar Off a Prepaid MasterCard

Have a few almost empty prepaid Mastercard's and Visa's kicking around? We all do!
Dead plastic isn't a total waste. We throw it in the junk drawer forgetting about the couple dollars balance thinking it's unusable. And it is....!

You can get that last few cents or dollars off your prepaid Mastercards & Visa's easier than you may think. And turn that balance into Amazon gift cards.

If you are an or user, your unused Mastercard & Visa balance's can be credited to your gift card code balance. You need to email yourself an gift card using the almost empty prepaid gift cards. 

I am an Amazon addict. Earning Amazon gift cards online helps us get our bathroom products free monthly and has even paid for complete Christmas's. Being able to save the last dollar or two from a prepaid gift card is a great way to utilize every dollar that is your money after all.

Once you are signed into your or account go to the gift cards. Now you are going to want to send yourself an email gift card. See the picture below what exactly what screen you should be on.

How to Get Every Last Dollar Off a Prepaid MasterCard
Before you start the process of getting the last few dollars or cents off your prepaid Mastercard or Visa's check the balance left of them and mark it down. It makes inputting more than one card go a lot smoother. The minimum you can add is $0.15. 

Once you have your prepaid credit card information put in and the amount left on your Mastercard card typed in, simply email it to yourself. 

Have fun hunting down your unused prepaid gift cards! I earn so many online and win a ton as prizes after I transferred all my dead cards I was at $78 in Amazon gift cards!

Have you ever bought or received a prepaid Mastercard that didn't have the all-important 3 digit CVV code on it? It is apparently quite common and so far I have ended up with two such Mastercard's. Don't panic if you get one. Just be prepared to wait to be able to use it.What to do with a Mastercard with no CVV code
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