Yahoo May Owe You Some Money Soon

Yahoo May Owe You Some Money Soon

Yahoo is facing a class action suit on behalf of Canadians whose accounts were breached. I personally have 2 Yahoo email accounts , one which is a main account for another blog I own...and yes it was hacked and it's the worst feeling!

In September an email went out to Yahoo email users alerting us that a cyber attack had jeopardized our accounts. This would be the 3rd instance of hacking within the Yahoo system. At what point do they protect their users?

A $500 million dollar Canadian Class action suit was filed Friday. Over 500 million users have been affected by this cyber attack.

If you have a Yahoo email account keep your eyes open to see what comes of this class action suit. Yahoo just may owe you some money!

There are somethings you can being doing right now to protect your Yahoo email account. I will be updating this post as news comes out. It affects me personally and I am sure many of you reading this.

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