Top 10 Posts on Save a Toonie 2016

Save a Toonie Top 10 Posts

Hi guys!

2016 is almost out the door and wow it has been quite a year!

Save a Toonie was born this year and has been growing at an incredible rate! There have been so many posts that became extremely popular but I have narrowed it down to the 10 most popular posts of 2016.

6 Tops  Ways to Earn Amazon Gift Cards
7. How to be a Successful Product Tester from Home
8. Tips for Spotting Click Bait Bloggers & Fake Offers
9. Facebook Punishes for Sharing
10. Uber List of Ways to Save Your Toonies

We have some amazing things starting here on Save a Toonie in 2017, hope you take the time to follow us it will be an exciting upcoming year for sure!

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