Newest Money Saving Extension " Honey " Actually Works!

Honey is Save a Toonie Approved

Hi Guys!

I used the new Google Chrome extension "Honey" and it's so easy and when I used it I didn't expect to be using it! How is that for unexpected savings!

I was on Fiverr last night looking for a designer to create an eBook cover for the eBook I am writing, searching around and having fun. Gig's are only $5 for almost anything you need, so in my mind I am already scoring an awesome deal.

Well...... as I go to checkout a pop up comes up on my screen and it's the "Honey" extension I have added to my Google Chrome bar. It says please wait we are finding you a coupon and savings!

I was skeptical so I waited a few seconds and let it do it's thing. When it was done there it was "Honey" had found a $1 savings off my order!!

Once my order was completed I headed over to Honey and signed in to see what was up. It shows my bonus savings I had just scored myself and a balance of 100 gold. Gold is Honey's point system. So I go 50 gold for downloading the extension and 50 for watching the demo video. Here is the fun part...your gold points can be turned into actual money! 100 gold = $1 USD.
Newest Money Saving Extension " Honey " Actually Works!

 Honey is completely free and it's a simple extension added to your Google bar. Once you shop online it will pop up and try and find you additional savings!

HoneyGold is your cash bonus. The amount of HoneyGold you receive is randomized and could be
 1 %- 100% commission  of your purchase price back!! Remember you get 50 gold just for making your account and 50 for watching a quick demo.

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*This is NOT a sponsored post , I purely had to share yet another great way to save your toonies and earn some cash back online.

Note: Some links in this post contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you make a purchase. Thanks for supporting Save-A-Toonie's money saving adventures!

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