Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Harmful Chemicals Found in Baby Teethers

Harmful Chemicals Found in Baby Teethers

Does your baby use a teether? Most of us give our babies teethers without much thought to it, putting our trust in brands that we know well...Or at last thought we knew well. Watching our baby suffer from the extreme discomfort of teething can be heart ripping! But sometimes saving your sanity by just popping a toy teether in their mouth...could be extremely risky.

A study that was just released has findings and they are a little scary!

59 teethers were tested in this study, all 59 were found to contain BPA- despite the packaging claiming they were BPA-Free. BPA has already been banned in baby bottles...You would figure teethers would be apart of that as well. Sadly the study is not releasing the brand names of these teethers.

Health Canada has not yet reviewed this study so they are not confirming the study, but take the time to read the study and be on top on the products you place into your baby's life. Wellness Mama wrote a great tutorial about 6 Natural Teething Remedies for Baby (that really help)

CTV Barrie News Story on Teethers

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