Friday, December 30, 2016

Getting Back to the Basics with a Bullet Journal

Getting Back to the Basics with a Bullet Journal

Let me tell you a few things about me:

  • I love lists - To do lists, lists of birthdays, shopping lists, appointment reminder lists....
  • I love post it notes and have them everywhere with reminders
  • I love journaling and diary writing
  • Planners are an addiction- meal planners, grocery shopping planners, monthly planners, budget planners...I could go on forever.
  • I want to be organized but really suck at it.
  • I love scrap-booking and fancy pens and stationary
  • I have goals that I want to keep on top of and meet  
In a Digital World...Sometimes  We Just Need to Get Back to the Basics....

Bullet Journals are all the talk lately, and I quickly realized that a Bullet Journal was the perfect answer! They are extremely popular and so fun to be creative with.

Having a bullet journal is a down to earth yet highly effective way of managing tasks at hand. 

Most Popular Products for Bullet Journaling

I took the websites advice and choose myself a Bullet Journal that wasn't too large so I would be more apt to take it with me everywhere I go. I also choose a quality one so it would last. 

I choose two for myself purple Moleskin & a royal blue Leuchtturm1917 Dotted one. I wanted one for just my blog outside of my everyday life. Both can be found on Amazon!!

Stickers have always been a love of mine, and my Bullet Journal is no exception. I use a pastel masking sticker set that I am hooked on. There is a wide variety of great stickers to spice up your own Bullet Journal.

Bullet Journaling is fulfilling one very important goal for such a digital world...what do I leave my sons to touch, read, laugh and feel that is in my hand writing and written in daily? My Facebook account where they can see I typed a status? No thanks! 

The key point to your Bullet Journal is that you are essentially writing in jot form not long form. This is why you need the right Bullet Journal. I strongly suggest getting your Bullet Journal and supplies on Amazon. 

Most Popular Products for Bullet Journaling

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