8 Tools to Amp Up Your Grocery Savings in 2017

8 Tools to Amp Up Your Grocery Savings in 2017
2017 is the year to start saving as much as humanly possible on our grocery bills! 

Even with rising cost of food, saving can be done with strategic shopping.


Using coupons is the top way to save money at the register on groceries. When you combine a few things together like coupons, cash back apps and price matching you can save thousands in a year.

It's time to accept that printing coupons is really the best way to save the most money on groceries. Many brands are shying away from mail coupons over the last year. I use just a basic Canon Printer
which paid for itself withing 2 weeks of owning it.

Cash back apps go hand in hand with coupons. Don't just download the app and not use it. You are throwing your money away if you're not using cash back apps. Takes only a second to snap a picture of your receipt and get paid actual money back on groceries. 

Knowledge & Planning

Knowing certain tips and tricks can add up to some high savings. The scanning price accuracy code could score you $10 or a free product at the register. Always watch your items being scanned in. 

Planning your grocery trips rather than just going into a store with no list or goal can save you more than you would believe. Always have a list with you. Flipp is my go to spot for all the current flyers and the lowest price in my area.  

An example of the right way to use Flipp.com

I have a $2 coupon for savings on Kellogg's Mini Wheat's
I go to Flipp and type in the search Mini Wheat's.
All the flyers for that current week with Mini Wheat's on sale will come up.
Now you have matched a great coupon with a hot sale and saved the most you could.
(Don't forget to check your cash back apps, you could even be making money on the deal)

Reward Points

Just having points cards in your wallet is not enough. Learning to use your points rewards cards to their fullest can save you lots of money on groceries as well as score you free groceries. Match bonus points offers with a great coupon or/and sale and you will be stocking up on free food in no time.

Using your PC Points card when you fill up at participating gas stations can add up to free groceries very fast.
With the Airmile's reward points you can be earning them online 2 different ways. Legerweb is mentioned in the next section and that is a great way to earn extra Airmile's. As well you can sign up to earn even more with Airmiles Surveys.

 Earn Gift Cards Online to Get Free Groceries

 You are online already and you could be legitimately saving yourself a small fortune on groceries by earning some side money. Completing surveys with legitimate Canadian programs can yield quite a few gift cards and PayPal cash payments. Saving money takes brains and effort. If you are serious about saving more on groceries in 2017, making money online is a top way to go.

All my family's bathroom products are free monthly because I spend about 20 minutes a day completing surveys and doing a random search or two. With 7 years under my belt earning online, these are the top most popular earning programs online.

  • Swagbucks -No referrals under you needed to earn monthly (Make more with Swagbucks) Swagbucks is Better Business Bureau Accredited and has paid out more than $150 million in rewards to members. 
  • Legerweb - I absolutely love this program. This is the largest opinion group in Canada. Your pay checks come right to your home via cheque. You only have to make it to $20 to request your payment and it takes less than a week to be paid. You can also be paid in Airmile's instead of money.
A complete list of survey sites  I use daily. Only the best make the cut with me.

Join Product Testing Programs 

Being part of product testing programs opens you up to receiving food products and coupons mailed right to your home free of charge. You get to try new foods and enjoy them with your family. Then share your feelings online about the product and how you used it.

Social Nature and Shopper Army are two programs that offer food products the most free for review. Both programs are complexly free to join and use. No hidden fees ever.

You Can be Earning Money as a Successful Product Tester 

Contests & Winning Prizes

Entering food contests is a great way to win some new and exciting foods to try. Often contests offer a years supply of their product and entry is generally very easy. Once you know how to use the google search bar the right way...you could be winning all kinds of great food contests and prizes.
Here are a few simple tips and tricks to winning more contests.


Every brand we use in  our home has a website and a newsletter that they offer. Newsletters often come with additional savings that is limited exclusively to their newsletter members. Grab your free Save a Toonie newsletter to get email updates with articles like this one that help you save money, win money and make money!  Signing up for newsletters is a great way to save more, and be alerted first when contests and giveaways are happening.

Money Bloggers in Canada

Following coupon blogs, and money blogs based in Canada with the .CA not .COM extension is a great way to stay on top of the great sales and deals on groceries. A dot.ca after the website name guarantee's that you are getting offers geared for Canadian grocery savings.

List of Canadian Bloggers & Money Blogs that will save you money.  

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