You Know You're From Northern Ontario When.....

You Know You're From Northern Ontario When.....
I live in Northern Ontario... Where winter , spring, summer and fall are not all...we have an extra season to contend with.... Construction!

Enjoy my list of You KNOW you live in Northern Ontario when.....

  • You may have to turn on the AC after having the heat on all day
  • Your snowblower...yep more miles than your truck
  • Your girlfriend can change a flat and use jumper cables
  • A down comforter is an all year round blanket on the bed
  • Travelling distance is measured in hours
  • Trick or Treating in a blizzard is common place
  • Your car doubles as a deep freeze for that meat you scored on sale
  • When you find -35 just a tad chilly
  • You have played road hockey on skates and a t-shirt (have pictures to prove it)
  • Your home has state of the art security cameras and the doors are never locked
  • Winter driving is easier on the shocks of the car than the potholes
  • You have the fifth season after winter, spring, summer, fall......CONSTRUCTION
  • You know people who have hit a deer or moose more than once while driving
  • You have had to take the snowmobile to school
  • When you have had more snow days home from school than vacation days
  • Your Tim Horton's often runs out of your favorite donuts
  • If you can relate you may be from Northern Ontario

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