Santa Claus's Actual Mailing Address

Santa Claus's Actual Mailing Address

It's that time again! Time to help our children get their letters to Santa written and mailed off to Old St.Nick. 

Did you know your child can mail their letter directly to Santa's workshop in the North Pole and get a letter back from Santa?  Canada Post has been going above and beyond for our Canadian kids for 34 years! 

What is Santa's Mailing Address?

In Canada your children can mail their letters to Santa to:

Santa Claus
North Pole H0H 0H0

Letters to Santa must be mailed by December 16 2016 to get a response back from Santa, after all it is his busiest time of year! Read full details

Children in the United States can mail their letters to Santa's Worship at :

Santa Claus
North Pole

Do not include a zip code, to ensure your letter gets to Santa's Workshop. Letters must be received by Dec 16 2016, to get a response. See full details

My boys have sadly outgrown Santa 😡 There is a certain magic in a child's eyes at Christmas time......getting a letter back from Santa is sure to add some magic into their holiday season.

Do your kids write letters to Santa? 

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