Ontario Resident's May Be Getting Financial Relief in 2017

Ontario Resident's May Be Getting Financial Relief in 2017

If you are an Ontario resident...you may have been hearing mutterings about a Basic Income Project.

Canada is the first government in North America to test out this basic income project. 

The Basic Income Project is aimed  to help  Ontario residents get out from beneath the poverty line. What does this mean for Ontario Residents under the poverty line?

It means money with no strings attached! 

The basic income pilot project would give Ontario residents who are considered under the poverty line a minimum amount of money every month. Not welfare, not Ontario Disability....but a basic income cheque with no strings attached! Employed or unemployed it doesn't matter. One set income per Ontario resident who meets the poverty guidelines. 

The hope is that the basic income project will:

  • Lift more people out of poverty
  • Simplify the income security system
  • Improve people’s health, empower people to get jobs and help people afford housing.
  • Give people more certainty and empower them to spend less time navigating a complex system, and more time actively participating in the economy.

Between the ages of 18-65 & living under the poverty line means you would get $1320 a month.
If you are currently disabled your amount would be slightly higher - a disabled Ontario resident would receive $1820. 

You must understand...if you are currently receiving welfare or ODSP this basic income would not be on top of that...it would replace that. 

The poverty line for Ontario is $19,930.  9% of Canadians live in poverty, the numbers grow drastically for single moms and the indigenous community's.  

When will the Basic Income Project begin?
It could start rolling out as soon as March 2017!

If you have more questions about the basic income project the Consultation guide for the Basic Income Project is a must read.

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