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Are you on ODSP ? Ontario Disabity Support Program

The Ontario Disability Support Program helps people with disabilities who are in financial need pay for living expenses, like food and housing. In the last year many changes were made and cut backs happened scaring so money people on ODSP. 

Many people in Ontario have no other option but to utilize the Ontario Disability Support program to survive. They struggle monthly with bills housing costs and so many obstacles it sometimes can become unbearable.

I find as I talk to more and more of my Blog readers, about using coupons saving money and earning online that many are on ODSP and think that they have no options.

Wrong! There are many ways for someone to make ends meet while receiving ODSP.

No More Last Months Rent on ODSP

Okay so lets start with the scariest of things most people on ODSP have heard. "ODSP no longer covers last months rent" Wrong- Yes they did removed the community start up program and that program is no longer funded, but there is a new option. The Housing Stabilization Program.  So if you want to move don't panic. Be assertive know your rights and ask your worker for the forms to apply. The program has a super fast turn around and usually when approved you will have your money within 3 days. This program is not only for rent, its also there if you get behind in bills, need car repairs and things of that nature. Again you simply talk to your worker.

Earning While on ODSP 

So many time I hear from people on ODSP that they cant earn money without losing their income. That is the furthest thing from the truth. In fact earning while on ODSP gets you a bonus of $100 monthly for trying and to help with costs.

So the breakdown is you can Earn $200 before ODSP will take a portion. Plus you get $100 a month as an employment bonus! so automatically you are up $300 of what your monthly allotment of money would have been. What happens once you go over the $200? ODSP will take half. So if you earned $350 for the month of April , ODSP would take $75. So the total amount that you get to pocket is $275 + $100 bonus = $375! That's a huge help when providing for a family on such a limited income.

Where can I earn while on ODSP?

First let me start by saying you are allowed $6000 in gifts in a calendar year while on ODSP.

Many online sites that you can earn from pay you in gift cards, free products, free food, coupons, gift vouchers and more. 

The ODSP Savings group on Facebook is a great spot to start learning to use coupons to get many of your groceries below cost or even free. Winning prizes in contests can help financially as well. 

Walking out of Walmart with a cart full of food and paying $0.23 is one of the most empowering feelings, and I myself have done it over and over right here in Ontario. Orillia Ontario to be exact. It can be done, all you need is the knowledge and a helping hand to get started.

If you are on Ontario Works or ODSP or ANY Disability program living on a limited income join the ODSP Savings Group on Facebook, once you are accepted as a member, click get notifications so you will see your daily posts with tips, ideas, and offers that will help make life a little cheaper.

If you have a friend or family member living on a limited income, share this post with them so they can start learning to make life a little cheaper one toonie at a time.

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