How to Be a Successful Product Tester From Home

After getting tons and tons of emails asking me how to start product testing at home.... I figured I would do a post up just for you, the one the loves trying new products and chatting it up about it after!

This guide will help you get started doing product reviews right from the comfort of your home & even make some extra money.

Being a successful and revered product tester can be a very rewarding and lucrative job if done right. 

You can do it right if you just know which product testing companies are legitimate, and worth your valuable time and energy. Be up to date with all the needed social networks that are available to you. Don't be intimidated by starting a new social network account. 

Being a product tester at home is possible with or without a blog. Many companies and brands actually don't want a blogger doing the review of their product, and would rather have just a person with social networks that are active and have some influence over the readers following you.

Being Social Matters

Starting an account on a social network you are not familiar with shouldn't be intimidating for you. Having accounts on social media platforms with activity and followers or friends is a massive bonus when it comes to being a successful product tester for brands.

Making the accounts is not enough...if you want to get to a level of trying large household products and products of value from top brands,,, you need to give attention to your social platforms. Make friends, follow blogs that interest you. 

Must have social accounts to get to a successful product tester position are:

Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Linkedin, Google +, Snapchat, StumbleUpon, Facebook, Digg, Delicious, 

Knowing Which Product Tester Companies and Programs are Legitimate & Worth it

I have watched many people attempt to get started in product testing and sign up with a gazillion online websites and get absolutely no offers and they give up. 

Don't let that be you. Knowing the legitimate programs and knowing what will be expected of you is the most important information to get you well on your way.

Not all programs expect you to be a blogger, so if you don't have a blog and don't want a blog, it's all good! Having many of the other social platforms where you can share your reviews and thoughts about products you test is what is important to brands. At the end of this post, I will share the links to guide you to the best of the best product testing opportunities.

Where and How Can You Find Products To Review 

Registering with product testing programs and review sites is not the only thing you can do to review products. 

Learn to ask.... email brands directly that you have a strong interest in, be professional and explain you would love to do a review of their product and share your links to your social media accounts where your review would be shared when complete. You will be amazed at how many brands will welcome your request.

Search....Use your social accounts, Facebook Twitter, Instagram and so on to search out product review offers. 

Be reachable. Make a separate email just for your product testing offers. Check them make that twice daily. Quick response time is what brands are looking for. Use your current and working phone number for brands to contact you in person. It builds trust from the start.

Honesty & Integrity in Product Testing

If you don't like the product you don't like it! Don't be fake or feel like a positive review is a must. Brands want honesty and so do the people reading your thoughts and feelings about a product.

Be professional even if the product was substandard. Contact the company with your review first to let them see your work.

Be on time....if a Brand has sent you a product to review and asked for a deadline to be it! Simple as that. 

Time is money and your product tester reputation depends on it for future products a brand my offer you.

Earning Money & Rewards for Product Testing

Some programs will pay to compensate you for your time and review on top of sending you the product free of charge to review. Many product testing programs pay for Tweets and Facebook posts as well linking to your review.  Building up your social platforms is very important. The more people your review can reach the better for both you and the product brand.

Product Testing Resource List

  • Chick Advisor - Complete your entire profile and do 5 of your own reviews first to be eligible for free products to review.  Grab the shampoo you used this morning and get started! It is worth it to get the ball rolling. 
  • No cash payments- Free products to test and keep No Blog Needed

  • Home Tester Club by BrandPower (I'm sure you have seen a commercial or two)  
  • No cash payment - Free products to test and keep. No Blog Needed

  • Crowdsocial - Register your email and wait for invites to your email. I have done 5 + campaigns with crowdsocial and they are among the best of the best. You get an invite and you apply for that particular product. In that email you will be told what your compensation will be... generally $25 plus the free product they send you for review. 
  • Paid product testing offers and products to test and keep. No Blog Needed

  • Canadian Tire Product Tester Panel - Registration is free, the offers come but very few in a year. When a product does become available for review you will get an email asking you to apply. The products are usually high end products, so being a member is more than worth it.
  • No cash payments - Free product to test and keep. No Blog Needed

  • PTPA - For parents of younger children. Free registration. Parent Tested, Parent Approved is their slogan. Most products are toys and items for children and babies. 
  • No cash payments. Free products to test and keep. No Blog Needed

  • Social Nature - Fairly new and growing fast, Social Nature is a program offering all natural products to be tested. Sign into your account regularly and click "I Want It" on products that interest you. Simply wait for an email saying You Got It! 
  • No Cash payments - Free products to test and keep.

  • TapInfluence - This is an invite only program. So register yourself and wait for an email invite. Be patient it could take a week or two to get invited. 
  • Paid product testing offers and products to test and keep. A blog is needed

  • Brandbacker - Register for a free account and fill out your profile and add all your social networks. Upload a picture of yourself into your profile as well to let brands see who they are working with. 
  • Paid product testing and sharing. Blog Needed.

  • One2One Network - I have done many product testing offers with them. Most being music CD's and smaller products. Lately the products and offers have been drastically beefed up.
  • Paid product testing offers + free products to test and keep. No Blog Needed.
  •  Minimum 1 social network account. Although having more is of benefit to you.

  • Webfluential  If your social networks are busy and you post regularly Webfluential is a great fit. Free to join.
  • Paid offers- No Blog Needed. Social Networks needed, a blog is a +.

  • House Party- This is a US based program and most of the party kits are offered to US but some extremely amazing party kits come up for Canadians. A very fun program to be apart of.
  • Free party kits for testing and sharing  (HUGE) No Blog Needed. Social Networks a Must

  • XYStuff - This is one for men! They deserve at least one product testing program right ladies!? This is run by Chick Advisor and free to join. 
  • Free products to keep, no blog needed but social accounts are imperative.

Product testing from the comfort of home in you pj's can be very rewarding if you build your influence and trust with brands and readers. Having a blog is not a must to be a successful product tester that brands turn to. Having a blog will boost your odds of getting to a passive income level from product testing. Learn how to start a blog with no money and make money.

Note: Some links in this post contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you make a purchase. Thanks for supporting Save-A-Toonie's money saving adventures!